Texas woman visiting Colorado finds three bears in her car


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(UPI) A Texas woman visiting Colorado got a first-hand taste of what the state has to offer when she woke up to find a mother bear and two cubs inside her car.

Liddy Breeden said she woke up about 6:30 a.m. Monday and discovered the doors of her car, which she had packed for the drive back to Texas the previous evening, were wide open.

Breeden said a closer look revealed the identities of the burglars -- a mama bear and two cubs that were apparently attracted to the unlocked vehicle by the smell of the food she had packed.

She said the mother bear did not seem concerned with her presence.

"She didn't make a sound at me," Breeden told KXAS-TV. That baby bear, when I opened the door, started hissing at me and I thought 'oh dear, now I'm in really big trouble.'

She said the bears eventually wandered off after finishing off the food in the car.

"They sat on all my stuff, so everything smelled really bad," Breeden told KUSA-TV.

Breeden said she has learned not to leave her car unlocked and not to store food in it overnight. She said she is going to enlist the help of her car dealership to get the smell out of the vehicle.

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