To Helen About Her Hair

Robinson Jeffers on

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Your hair is long and wonderful;
It is dark, with golden
Lights in the length of it.

Long, lovely, liquid, glorious
Is your hair, and lustrous,
Scented with summertime.

Beware when you are combing it,
In the nights and mornings,
Shaking its splendor out.

I bid you comb it carefully,
For my soul is caught there,
Wound in the web of it.

About this poem
"To Helen About Her Hair" was originally published in Robinson Jeffers' first book, "Flagons and Apples" (Grafton Publishing, 1912).

About Robinson Jeffers
Robinson Jeffers was born on Jan. 10, 1887, in Pennsylvania. Jeffers' verse, much of which is set in the Carmel/Big Sur, Calif., region, celebrates the beauty of the coastal hills and ravines. He died in 1962.

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