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I'm a word of letters four with close ties to snow.
Just half of my first my third letter will show.
One fifth of my fourth my first you may call.
Of my second 'tis best to say nothing at all.

What word am I?



Here's how:

According to the 2nd line, "half of my first (C), my third will show (L). This is because in Roman numerals, C = 100 and L = 50. Half of C (100) is, ofcourse, 50 (L).

According to the 3rd line," One Fifth of my fourth my first you may call". This works out since one fifth of D, which is 500 in Roman numerals, is 100 (which is C - the first letter).

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According to the 4th line, "Of my second tis best to say nothing at all". This is because 0 is well... nothing.

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