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The five-person city council of Noyes Heights met recently to vote on five proposals. Each of the five council members cast an aye or a nay vote for each of the five proposals, with no absentions. Use the clues below to discover how each council member voted on each of the proposals.

1. Each proposal got a different number of aye votes (possibly zero).

2. All in all, there was one more aye vote than nay vote cast.

3. At no time did Quincy vote nay on two consecutive proposals.

4. Orlando, Penny and Sven voted the same way on the second proposal.

5. Rosina voted aye on the fourth proposal.

6. Quincy and Sven voted differently from each other on each of the first three proposals.

7. The third proposal received one more aye vote than the second proposal did.


Orlando - nay, aye, aye, aye, nay
Penny - nay, aye, aye, aye, nay
Quincy - aye, nay, aye, aye, nay
Rosina - nay, nay, aye, aye, nay
Sven - nay, aye, nay, aye, nay

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