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Six girls, Beth, Haley, Kayla, Liza, Reeva, and Zoe, are in the junior cabin at camp. They sleep in bunk beds. Each girl has a different color blanket on her bed. The beds are lined up in a row with red, black, yellow, brown, blue, and green blankets.


1. Reeva and Haley's bed is closest to the door.
2. The color of the blankets on the bottom bunks all begin with the same letter.
3. The color of Beth's blanket does not begin with the same letter as the beginning of her name.
4. Reeva's blanket color does begin with the same letter as her name.
5. The blue blanket is under the red blanket.
6. Liza and Kayla like their lower bunks.
7. Kayla is in the middle bed.
8. Zoe does not share a bunk with Kayla.
9. The brown blanket is at the end of a row.
10. The yellow blanket is above the black blanket.

Can you determine the color of each girl's blanket, the order of their beds, and who their bunkmate is?


Reeva's blanket is red, Beth's is yellow, Zoe's is green, Haley's is blue, Kayla's is black, and Liza's is brown.

Beds from nearest to the door to the farthest: Reeva on the top bunk, Haley on the bottom; Beth on the top bunk, Kayla on the bottom; Zoe on the top bunk, Liza on the bottom.


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