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Many contestants entered the unicycle race, but only the best multi-tasking clown came out on top, considering that each had to juggle clubs while trying to win the race! Most of the pack were soon disqualified after dropping a club or falling off the unicycle. In the end, four of the best clowns crossed the finish line. From this information and the clues below, can you determine each clown's full (real) name, club color (one is silver), and placement?

Places: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
First Names: Kyle, Matt, Jake, Leon
Surnames: Turner, Pettle, Vertigo, Wheeley
Colors: Green, Orange, Silver, Red

1. Mr. Turner (who isn't Matt) finished one place ahead of the red club juggler.

2. The four are Leon, Mr. Vertigo, the one who juggled with orange clubs, and the one who came in third place.

3. Kyle finished behind (but not one place behind) Mr. Wheeley.

4. Matt and Mr. Pettle finished consecutively, in some order.

5. The one who juggled with green clubs finished two places behind Jake.


1st Place - Leon Wheeley - Silver
2nd Place - Jake Turner - Orange
3rd Place - Kyle Pettle - Red
4th Place - Matt Vertigo - Green

The third place finisher wasn't Vertigo (clue 2) or Wheeley (clue 3), so he is Pettle or Turner.

Since Matt is neither Turner (clue 1) nor Pettle (clue 4), he didn't finish third.

The one who came in third wasn't Leon (clue 2) or Jake (clue 5), so he is Kyle.

By clue 3, Wheeley came in first.

Since neither Turner (clue 1) nor Pettle (clue 4) finished fourth, Vertigo did.

Vertigo isn't Leon (clue 2) or Jake (clue 5), so he's Matt.


By clue 4, Kyle is Pettle.

By elimination, Turner finished second.

By clue 1, the one with the red clubs finished third.

Since Jake finished two places ahead of the one who had the green clubs (clue 5), Jake finished second and Matt used the green clubs.

By elimination, Leon came in first. By clue 2, Jake had orange clubs, and Leon had the silver ones.

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