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A British period piece tops the DVD releases for the week of June 4.

"Wicked Little Letters": Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley star in this dark comedy in which insulting letters are being sent to women anonymously in post-World War I England.

"Inspired by events that happened in an English village in the 1920s, 'Wicked Little Letters' is an 'Odd Couple' situation and the two leads are spectacular," writes Star Tribune critic Chris Hewitt in his review. "A big part of the appeal of 'Wicked' is its leads, who also shared billing (and Oscar nominations) in 'The Lost Daughter' but did not share the screen, since they played the same woman at different stages of life. Both actors are adept at cluing us in that there's more to their characters than what's on the surface, which makes their many scenes together especially good."


"The Old Oak": The latest movie from British filmmaker Ken Loach concerns an impoverished former mining town where the arrival of a Syrian refugee family draws racist ire.

"Lost Soulz": An aspiring hip-hop musician sets out on a Texas road trip odyssey in this drama.


"Darkness of Man": Action flick starring Jean Claude Van Damme as a washed up operative who has vowed to protect the son of a slain informant.

"Doctor Who: Peter Davison Complete Season Two": The second season of the long-running BBC show featuring the fifth incarnation of the titular doctor originally aired in 1983.

"Finding Faith": Drama in which a religious advice columnist returns home after finding herself adrift with her beliefs wavering.

"Founders Day": The body count is on the rise as a small town gears up for a local election in this comedy horror flick.


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