'Shōgun' will return for at least 2 more seasons

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Lord Yoshii Toranaga's story will continue.

FX and Hulu announced Thursday that the critically acclaimed series "Shōgun" has been renewed. The network and its streaming partner are working with the estate of the novel's author, James Clavell, to develop material for what "will likely" be two additional seasons of the historical drama, according to the announcement.

The news was expected after reports that star and producer Hiroyuki Sanada, who plays Toranaga, had finalized a deal to return to the series, which has been a ratings success. There was also the bubbling awards chatter around the likelihood of "Shōgun" competing in the drama categories, as opposed to limited series, at the upcoming Emmys.

Co-creators and executive producers Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo will be returning along with Sanada, as well as executive producer Michaela Clavell. While there were no firm details on the expected timing of the show's return, the announcement said the writers' room is currently being assembled to begin working this summer.


Set in feudal Japan, "Shōgun" follows the ascension of Toranaga (Sanada) from political outcast to the eventual military ruler of the island country. The 10-episode first season centered on a core trio that included Toranaga, shipwrecked English pilot John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis) and interpreter Toda Mariko (Anna Sawai). The series has been hailed for its authenticity in portraying Japanese history and culture, from its casting to how the majority of the dialogue is in Japanese.

The first season covered all of the events in Clavell's 1975 novel, so it is unclear exactly how the story will continue. Perhaps the major battle at which Toranaga hinted in the season finale will get more attention.

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