Ides of March madness: 5 ideas to celebrate

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Simply because Shakespeare wrote “Beware the Ides of March” — a warning from his fictional soothsayer to Julius Caesar — doesn’t mean you have to!

In fact, while steeped in superstition surrounding the untimely, treacherous death of Caesar, March 15 has now become a unique entertainment opportunity. While some may find the origins of the occasion macabre, others embrace the lighter side of the Ides of March. For those willing to set aside superstition for the sake of celebration, here are a few ideas to consider.

Pay your debt to society

In addition to designating the day Caesar was betrayed and murdered, the Ides of March served as a deadline for settling debts. For a modern take on this Roman calendar mandate, use March 15 as a time for you and a few friends to pay your debt to society by engaging in some community charitable giving.

Select a local nonprofit that could benefit from boots-on-the-ground community service. After arranging a day and time to volunteer at a soup kitchen, shelter or senior center, arrange a goody-prep bag for each team member. Think about making matching Ides of March/debt day T-shirts for everyone. Include the shirts, bottled water, snacks and other treats in the bag and pass them out before setting out to cash in your community debts.


15 reasons why

In keeping with a smidge of superstition, invite 15 friends or family members over for the Ides of March. Ask your invites to text or email you their favorite food and drink (you’ll see why in a second).

On the day of your event, have each person write one reason (for each of the remaining people) why they appreciate, love or respect them. While guests take time to share their positive tidbits, treat them to 15 of their previously confessed favorite treats (after all, the Romans loved to indulge!). Before each person departs, think about handing each an inexpensive photo book they can stash their 15 affirmations in.

When in Rome


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