Fall foods and moods, 2021 edition

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The pandemic has made us hyperaware of many things, including the state of our homes, waistlines, and the way we interact with people.

As fall approaches, it’s an opportune time to cast any negative notions that may have been tied to these areas of life in favor of foods and moods that promote positivity, abundance and unity. It’s a time to explore all the things we love about the autumn season with our closest friends. Read on for a few ways to pair some of the top seasonal decorative accents and bites for a memorable fall experience.

Cultivate cozy cabin vibes

Not everyone can escape to a cabin this fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the cabin to you. Better yet, there is a way to achieve a different type of cabin atmosphere for everyone. Whether your taste runs woodsy-lumberjack or lake house fishing, there is a means to bring forth flavors of fall for all.

While the last few years have reflected a fascination with furry throws, pillows and rugs, this year, cabin trends are more about quilts, afghans and woven blankets. These can be stacked on a hearth, draped over couches and chairs and spread over ottomans. Red-and-black buffalo plaid is also making its way to many cabinesque spaces, and can effortlessly add a pop of color to otherwise neutral areas (think about a throw pillow or two).

Include soft accents like vanilla-wood scented candles, woodland animal decor, and stacks of outdoor-themed books on mantels, coffee tables and hutches.


While your guests savor your autumnal atmosphere, invite them to a feast of Manhattan Fish Chowder or Baked Tilapia and Vegetable Casserole (visit TheHealthyFish.com for recipes). And nothing says cabin-cozy like fresh pie straight out of the oven for dessert.

Take it outside

Fire pits are widely coveted at present. If you don’t have a permanent one in your outdoor living space, you can get one on Amazon.com for under $100. For a bit more, you can purchase a Breeo Smokeless Firepit (Breeo.co), which may be a worthy and ideal investment for entertaining guests who love a good campfire without the fragrant, stick-to-your-clothes aftermath.

While conversing around the campfire, treat friends and family to tasty offerings like Cheesy Campfire Potatoes wrapped and cooked in foil, Caprese Brie cooked on a skillet or Cajun Shrimp Kebabs (visit Delish.com for recipes). And don’t forget S’mores with fun additions such as Nutella, sliced strawberries and peanut butter.


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