This is how you host games night, David! A 'Schitt's Creek' fan's guide to success

Erin Thorburn, Tribune News Service on

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Die-hard "Schitt’s Creek" fans know how important games night is to David Rose. Quite specifically — for games night to succeed — a strict protocol must be followed:

Only six people can be invited (“Any more and gameplay gets too yelly.”)

It’s NOT a party.

It’s composed of three parts — beginning exactly at 8 p.m., ending precisely at 10 p.m.

For those who don’t have the benefit of a Davidesque games night director — but who admire his tenacity and fearsome dedication — how can a perfect games night be pulled off?

Is David’s way the only play? Or are there other strategies to make your games night a success?


Let’s talk to a few sources who “get it.” ("Schitt’s Creek" fans will see what we did there).

Three, two, one — play!

To begin with, and perhaps unlike David, board game developer John Brieger (Briegercreative.com) suggests appealing to your crowd.

“One key to hosting a great games night is picking games to suit your audience, which sometimes means adapting on the fly instead of saying ‘here are the three games we're playing tonight,” he says.


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