Dealing With Celebrity Endorsements

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"Some friends and I started a Web based business targeting people who play a particular sport.

"As it happens, one of the leading players of the sport -- a household name to fans -- has discovered our website and absolutely loves it. We have approached him about possibly endorsing our website, and he has expressed an interest in doing so.

"What are some of the things we need to think about in putting together a deal with this person?"

In our increasingly celebrity-driven culture, this is one of the best things that can happen to a startup business. You should definitely do this deal, as long as the celebrity would not end up owning your business.

You need a celebrity endorsement agreement and should talk to your lawyer right away. Here are some of the issues you will have to consider in putting the deal together.

What Exactly Is the Celebrity Expected to Do? In an endorsement contract, the celebrity licenses his name, image and likeness to your company for advertising and promotion purposes. The contract should spell out exactly what you expect the celebrity to do for your company. Here are some examples:


--Making himself available for photo shoots and live appearances.

--Being available on the website at specific times to play games with customers.

--Hosting classes and clinics on the website.

--Wearing clothing that bears your company name and logo when making public appearances or playing the sport in the real world.


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