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The first thing to remember if you are going to "get along" with the boss is to never forget, according to behavioral psychologists, that he or she is your boss. It is your job to make the boss' job easier and to do the work the way the boss wants it done. You're there to remove obstacles for the boss, not be the obstacle. Because promotions and job security often rest on your effectiveness in this function, management will judge you by how well you serve and get along with the boss.

Incredibly enough, it can be an advantage to experience a "rotten boss." This will teach you how to set priorities, neutralize potentially explosive situations and suggest procedures that will make the boss look good.

Second, don't try to change the boss. There's only one person in the world you can change, and that's you. In studies conducted by the Center for Creative Research, Michael Lombardi, Morgan McCall and Ann Morrison learned that "most successful executives had at one time or another worked with a boss who was impossible. But they learned to deal with that impossible boss and get along with him, and acknowledged that it was the impossible boss that made it possible for them to develop tolerance and growth, overcome obstacles and attain their positions of success."

They said: "These people helped them form their own best management techniques and procedures. They had seen an individual who was tough to deal with, and they determined to do it better. They learned patience and how to deal with conflicts constructively."

The "bad boss" was a good teacher. They built the relationship, avoided destroying it, learned from it and benefitted as a result.


Question: Wasn't that "bad boss" a friend in disguise? Message: Learn from the "bad boss" and be a "good boss," and I'll see you at the top!


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