Boeing puts up for sale its Commercial Airplanes headquarters campus outside Seattle

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"There is a headquarters but you have to think of it differently than a traditional headquarters building," Chun said. "The flag is planted temporarily, as Stan and members of his leadership team move from location to location."

It's definitely a downsizing for the Boeing Commercial CEO. At 220 square feet, Deal's new office is just a quarter of the size of his CEO office at Longacres, which had a view of Mount Rainier.

Other senior Commercial Airplanes leaders will also move around and work virtually depending on their schedule.

Chun has an office next to Deal's, shared with Vice President of Human Resources Joelle Denney and Chief Financial Officer Stephanie Pope.

Also adjacent to Deal's office is a visitor office has three desks where Chun said sales chief Ihssane Mounir, Airplane Programs leader Mark Jenks, and the head of Product Development Mike Sinnett and other executives will often "touch down" to interact with Deal.

Yet those executives won't be based there. Mounir and his sales team have moved out of Longacres and will have a base at a Boeing office building close to the Renton 737 assembly plant, as will Chun's communications team.


Two other Boeing buildings on the same Renton street are among those up for sale.

So too are seven buildings at the Bellevue Eastgate office park that house the Boeing Archives and some IT support teams, among others.

Boeing already sold off four buildings in that park in 2017. The planned sale means Boeing will depart the Eastgate site completely, though initially for two years it will lease back some of the buildings.

A large warehouse on the Bomarc property in Everett is for sale. So too are 310 acres of unused land adjacent to the Frederickson manufacturing site in Pierce County where Boeing makes the 787 and 777 carbon composite tails as well as metal wing skin panels.


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