CBD gummies are selling fast in stressful times: What to know as demand surges

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"I've talked to hockey moms, soccer moms," said McCarty, 48, a vocal advocate of CBD products for health and wellness.

"People realize that hemp or CBD cannot put the high into it, there's no stoner high. This product is for your body to heal, allows it to relax. It's like somebody puts a hand on your shoulder and you're not alone," he said. "You can take gummies at night to sleep. I'm an insomniac and I sleep like a baby now."

The company is doing millions of dollars in sales a year and shows no sign of slowing.

'Frazzled and exhausted'

"A lot of parents are dealing with uncertainties. These parents are really stressed," said Jen Palmer, a naturopathic doctor and director of education for Boulder, Colo.-based Charlotte's Web, one of the most established companies in the CBD industry.

"When I meet my neighbor in the yard, she has three children and she's so frazzled and exhausted every day she doesn't know what to do. I share some of my supply of Charlotte's Web products to help her get through her day," Palmer said. "There's a calm gummy, and a lemon balm, which has herbal extract for calming and relaxing. We recommend taking gummies pretty consistently during these times when stress is constant."


She noted, "We definitely see people turning to CBDs during these times. It is a really good safe alternative to other options people may be considering. We are all under stress in this pandemic. No one is excluded."

Now Charlotte's Web sees "calm gummies" as an essential back-to-school accessory for adults navigating new challenges.

"We know parents are in a straight-up tailspin right now," the company says in a news release. "And, if parents aren't homeschooling and Zooming their lives away, they are worried about sending their kids into school."

Gummies offer parents trying to survive quarantine the option to Zen out, Charlotte's Web promises.


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