Wife of Quicken Loans executive sues rival over raunchy text messages

Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press on

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According to the lawsuit, Niemiec's lawyer demanded a retraction from Casa, but he allegedly mocked the couple instead, sending this text message on July 7 to her husband:

"Good morning little buddy. I saw the letter from your attorney. I'm really sorry that I hurt your feelings. Give everyone my best! Can't (wait) to see you soon." He closed the text with a wink emoji.

The next day, Casa sent the husband another text message: "How's Teresa. Give her my best." Added were numerous emojis representing sex organs, including eggplants.

The lawsuit called the texts "reprehensible and especially appalling during the #metoo era" and said that Casa and others targeted Niemiec "because of her gender."

"The defamatory video clips and text messages ... exploit the long and deeply disturbing history of boorish and misogynistic insults by men who seek to dominate and demean the role and place of women in society," states the lawsuit, which was filed July 20.

"This should not be tolerated nor diminished nor brushed off as jokes or 'boys being boys' preying on the vulnerabilities of women," Niemiec's lawyer, Jason Hirsch, wrote in the lawsuit.


The lawsuit includes screenshots of a lewd text chain about Niemiec that Casa sent to her husband and others, including Kevin Peranio, the chief lending officer at PRMG, and Ramon Walker, owner of Mount Diablo Lending.

According to the lawsuit, "Peranio and Walker recorded video clips of each of them viewing and reacting to Casa's defamatory video clips and text messages in a disparaging, derisive and ridiculing manner." Casa then sent the video clips to Niemiec's husband and others "in a deliberate effort to crowd shame" her, the suit says.

Neither Peranio nor Walker are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit seeks a retraction of the videos, unspecified damages and attorney fees.


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