Wife of Quicken Loans executive sues rival over raunchy text messages

Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press on

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In the cutthroat world of mortgage lenders, rivalry among competitors can get nasty -- real nasty.

Just ask Theresa Niemiec, the wife of a Quicken Loans executive who claims her husband's rivals "crowd shamed" her in a series of raunchy and misogynistic texts and videos as a way to hurt her husband's employer.

One man falsely accused her of performing sex acts with a competitor, she says, then mocked her husband in a follow-up text message: "Im really sorry that I hurt your feelings," he texted, adding emojis resembling sex organs. "How's Teresa. Give her my best.' "

Niemiec, the wife of Quicken Loans Executive Vice President Austin Niemiec, got the message and filed a defamation lawsuit this month against one of her husband's competitors: Anthony Casa, CEO of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME).

The suit alleges that Casa falsely accused Niemiec of being promiscuous in college with United Wholesale Mortgage CEO Mat Isbia. According to the suit, Casa and Isbia are friends, have work ties, and consider themselves competitors of Quicken Loans.

Isbia is not being sued.


Though Casa has never met Niemiec, the suit states, he "placed her in his crosshairs because she's Mr. Niemiec's wife," and degraded and humiliated them both through multiple "defamatory" text messages that he sent to her husband, including:

--"Love to meet your wife. It's amazing that's the girl who (performed oral sex) in college. Way to marry up."

--"No lip kisses."

--"You never trusted her anyway."


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