How much would it take to get you to buy an electric car? California could increase rebates

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Ting's Assembly Bill 1046 would require the California Air Resources Board to find a steady and continuous funding resource for rebates so that consumers can count on the money. The air board also could determine the value of the rebate.

The bill this week cleared the Senate Transportation Committee and continues to move forward despite opposition from most car makers, gas companies and the Chamber of Commerce.

Among manufacturers, only electric vehicle maker Tesla is on the record supporting Ting's proposal.

The Auto Alliance, the leading advocacy group for the auto industry with members like Toyota, Ford and BMW, opposes the bill. Those companies are developing electric cars, but they're opposing the bill.

At a hearing Tuesday, their lobbyist said they want to work with the state to help lower- and moderate-income families afford electric cars. In written comments the carmakers have said they oppose legislation that restricts consumer choice.

The bill has a hefty price tag if it's used to fulfill Brown's goal of getting 5 million zero emission cars on the road over the next decade. That would cost more than $16 billion if the rebates are used to buy 4.4 million new electric cars, according the to the Transportation Committee analysis.

Ting's proposal follows an unsuccessful bill he put forward last year that would have banned the sale of gas-powered cars by 2040.


The Air Resources Board estimates that transportation is responsible for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in California, with cars and trucks making up the majority of those emissions.

The Trump administration in March announced that it wanted to end federal tax credits for electric car buyers, arguing it would save $2.5 billion a year.

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