Liz Reyer: You have been laid off and need to find a job fast. Here's what to do

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Consider if the layoff is an indicator of a dying line of work or if it's just a company-specific event. If your industry is eliminating jobs like yours, it might be wise to look at alternatives.

At the very least, build that into your mid- to long-term plan so that you are not caught in a preventable cycle of layoffs.

Make full use of any resources you have. Often layoffs include career-planning and transition services. Don't let these go to waste.

If your company isn't helping, check with your state and local governments. Typically there will be an agency that focuses on workforce development and job placement. They are a wealth of information and support.

They may also have group meetings for people who have been laid off, which can provide additional support. This can also ease some of the emotional burden from people close to you.

Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself. This is a serious situation, but despite the grief and anxiety that goes with it, you probably can't solve it overnight.

Structure your time to ensure you are doing the work of job searching. But take advantage of your flexibility to do some fun daytime activities with family and friends. You can always respond to e-mails in the evening!


Stay focused on finding a new job while doing your best to have a healthy, happy life. This is the best path to a positive outcome.

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