GM's car-sharing service Maven to start exiting certain cities

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DETROIT -- General Motors' app-based car sharing service known as Maven is exiting some markets after nearly three years of expansion.

Maven's move to leave or reduce its services in some of the 24 markets it's in globally started earlier in May and will take a few months to complete.

"This is not an announcement, just the course of business," said Jordana Strosberg, Maven spokeswoman. "We want to give customers and members a heads-up and the right amount of time so people can be aware of when or if their reservations can be made or not."

The purpose behind the contraction is to shift "some of the offerings to focus on markets where we have the most current demands or growth potential," Strosberg said.

Detroit's future

Maven, which launched in Ann Arbor in 2016, is a car-sharing program that enables users to rent cars by the hour for as low as $9 for a Chevrolet Cruze compact. The cars also can be rented under the Maven Gig program for jobs such as Uber driving or meal delivery. It is focused on urban dwellers, offered in 24 cities in the United States, Canada and Australia.

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In North America, Maven operates in 17 markets: Detroit; Ann Arbor; Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; New York; Jersey City, New Jersey; San Francisco; San Diego; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Denver; Austin, Texas; Orlando; Boston; and Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario; and Toronto.

Strosberg declined to say how many or which markets will lose Maven services. She said Detroit is "a very important market focus, so Maven Gig and car sharing will remain here. There are still a number of markets where Maven will be available. "

Trade publication Automotive News reported that Maven will continue to operate in Los Angeles, but stop services in New York and Chicago. Seeking Alpha, an investor site, said operations will end in Chicago and Boston and keep running in Los Angeles, Washington, Detroit, Toronto and "other cities."

In some markets, GM is discontinuing all Maven services, Strosberg said. In others, it will offer selected services such as Maven Gig.


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