5 Gun Safety Tips You Need to Know


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Owning a gun is one of the most important rights we enjoy as Americans. The second amendment allows us to own firearms for sport, self-defense, hunting, and more.

However, buying a gun is a huge responsibility. Firearms are inherently dangerous and have the ability to take life.

Therefore, you must understand the basic gun safety tips if you want to be a responsible gun owner. We’re here to shed some light on the topic.

Keep reading for five essential weapon safety tips for gun owners.

1. Store Your Gun in a Secure Place

First, let’s talk about gun storage. Where you store your gun is an important factor of consideration, especially if you have a household full of other people. The last thing you want is your child finding and handling the gun.

We recommend storing your gun in a safe. If you don’t have a safe, use a gun lock that disables the gun while in place. This will prevent any accidental discharges.

2. Always Assume the Gun is Loaded

One of the most important gun safety tips is to treat every firearm like it’s loaded. Too many people have been injured or killed by firearms because the wielder wrongfully assumed the weapon wasn’t loaded.

Any time you pick up a gun, make sure the safety is on. Then, release the magazine and ensure the chamber is clear. This is the only way to truly know the weapon is clear and safe.

3. Never Point Your Gun at Anything You Don’t Intend to Shoot

Learning muzzle awareness is another firearm safety rule to live by. Implementing muzzle awareness means keeping the weapon pointed in a safe direction at all times. You should never “laser” people, animals, or objects with a weapon.

This applies to target shooting, hunting, and general practice. Make sure you know your target and what lies behind it. If you miss or your bullet passes through your target, what will it hit?

4. Familiarize Yourself With the Gun

No matter why you’re purchasing a firearm, familiarizing yourself with the weapon is one of the most practical gun safety tips. You need to know how it functions. This includes:

  • How it feels in your hands with a fully-loaded magazine
  • How it feels when fired
  • How loud the weapon is when fired
  • How to clear misfires and jams
  • How to operate the safety mechanism
  • How to load and release magazines
  • How to assemble and disassemble the weapon
  • How to charge a round into the chamber
  • And more

Familiarizing yourself with your gun is especially important if you’re buying it for self-defense. In a real-life situation, your adrenaline will be up and your hands will be shaking. Operating your weapon must be second nature.

We also recommend getting a proper holster for pistols. Check out to find a wide range of options.

5. Practice Trigger Finger Discipline

Have you ever noticed in movies how actors hold guns with their fingers on the trigger? This is a poor representation of proper firearm control.

If your finger is on the trigger, you could accidentally discharge the gun at any time. You could trip, sneeze, get startled, etc.

Implementing trigger finger discipline is one of the most important gun safety tips. Unless you’re aiming downrange and getting ready to fire your weapon, your finger should be off the trigger, straight, and alongside the receiver.

Looking for More Gun Safety Tips and Self-Defense Advice?

Are you following the gun safety tips listed above? Don’t risk your life or the well-being of others by handling a firearm irresponsibly. Follow the guidance listed above to avoid injuries or death.

If you’re looking for more consumer tips or lifestyle advice, we have more to offer. Take a look through some of our other articles before you go to find more information to help you improve your life.



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