Kaine debuts as Clinton's running mate in Miami rally

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MIAMI -- Tim Kaine made his first appearance as Hillary Clinton's running mate Saturday, taking the stage at Florida International University with the soon-to-be Democratic presidential nominee in bilingual Miami so he could show off his Spanish.

"Bienvenidos a todos," he said. Turning to Clinton, he added: "We're going to be companeros del ...Read more

Senate Democrats fret over Republican campaign spending

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats are worried about the heavy spending of Republican-aligned outside groups in some key Senate races, concerned that a GOP edge in spending has added an unexpectedly steep barrier to their path back to the Senate.

More concerning still for party strategists is the belief that the cash gap shows no signs of shrinking...Read more

Rep. Loretta Sanchez implies Obama endorsed Senate rival because they are both black

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LOS ANGELES -- Orange County Rep. Loretta Sanchez said in an interview with a Spanish-language television station that she believes President Barack Obama may have endorsed rival Kamala Harris in California's U.S. Senate race because they are both black, injecting a dose of racial politics into a historic contest that in November will elect the ...Read more

Analysis: Kaine pick won't help Clinton win over anti-Wall Street critics

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WASHINGTON -- If Hillary Clinton is looking to show the Democratic Party's liberal wing that she's ready to be tough on Wall Street as president, her choice of running mate may not help much.

In selecting Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia over progressive favorites such as Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts or Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Clinton is ...Read more

In VP pick, Clinton chooses a 'happy warrior'

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WASHINGTON -- In the end it was Tim Kaine's biography that led Hillary Clinton to choose him as her running mate over possible contenders who are bolder, younger, more diverse or close to her family.

Kaine, 58, a senator from the battleground state of Virginia who was one of Clinton's earliest supporters, offers the Democrat what she wanted in ...Read more

Crime experts counter Trump's scary talk

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WASHINGTON -- As Richard Rosenfeld listened to Donald Trump accept the Republican presidential nomination Thursday, a couple of recent crime trends the candidate cited were immediately familiar.

Trump told convention delegates and millions of Americans watching on TV that homicides in the nation's 50 largest cites are up 17 percent and that ...Read more

Hillary Clinton picks Tim Kaine, Va. senator and former governor, as her running mate

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TAMPA, Fla. -- Hillary Clinton has tapped Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate, adding a well-liked swing-state moderate with broad governing experience to the Democratic ticket.

Clinton's choice of Kaine, 58, reflects her calculation that voters with doubts about both her and Republican nominee Donald Trump will respond to a doubling-...Read more

Trump planning to fund super PACs aimed at taking down Cruz, Kasich

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NEW YORK -- Donald Trump plans to create and fund super PACs specifically aimed at ending the political careers of Ted Cruz and John Kasich should either run for office again, after both snubbed the Republican nominee during his party's convention this week, a source familiar with Trump's thinking told Bloomberg Politics on Friday.

The plan ...Read more

Trump says he doesn't want and wouldn't accept Ted Cruz's endorsement

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CLEVELAND -- Fresh off his marathon Republican convention acceptance speech, Donald Trump looked backward Friday, rekindling his feud with onetime chief rival Ted Cruz.

Trump, in classic style, essentially said he couldn't care less that Cruz declined to endorse him in a dramatic snub at the convention.

"I don't want his endorsement," Trump ...Read more

Donald Trump says he won't accept Cruz endorsement if it comes

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CLEVELAND -- Donald Trump said Friday he'd reject Ted Cruz's endorsement if he makes one.

"He'll come and endorse, but I don't want his endorsement," Trump said Friday as he thanked supporters in a downtown Cleveland hotel. "Stay at home, Ted, relax."

Hours after accepting the presidential nomination, Trump spent much of a victory lap ripping ...Read more

With Pence in spotlight, Indiana delegates campaign to replace him

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CLEVELAND -- It's been a momentous week for Indiana Republicans.

The state where Donald Trump clinched the nomination in May got another big moment in the limelight with the official nomination of Gov. Mike Pence as Trump's running mate Wednesday night.

As ecstatic as Hoosier Republicans have been this week, the state's delegates have also ...Read more

Political chaos may keep K Street busy during congressional lull

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WASHINGTON -- Most lobbyists loathe Donald Trump, but they may thank the Republican presidential nominee for helping them scare up business during Congress' extended hiatus.

Battles over spending bills, an update to chemical regulatory laws and a measure to spur biomedical research helped fill K Street coffers during the first half of the year,...Read more

Here's how Clinton's potential VP picks stack up

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CLEVELAND -- Will she make a bold choice -- a youthful minority or maybe a woman who excites the liberal wing of the party? Or a more cautious choice -- a likable white man with whom she is more comfortable?

Democrat Hillary Clinton will end months of speculation when she announces her running mate this weekend in the battleground state of ...Read more

Ivanka Trump introduces father as a colorblind, gender-neutral leader

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CLEVELAND -- Donald Trump's oldest daughter, Ivanka, tried to soften her father's image, making a hard pitch to female voters as she introduced the Republican presidential nominee Thursday.

"Policies allowing women to thrive should not be novelties," she said. "Politicians talk about wage equality, but my father has made it a practice through ...Read more

Trump's speech leaked to Clinton-aligned super PAC

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The dissection of Donald Trump's acceptance speech began before he even delivered it Thursday evening.

Hours before the Republican presidential nominee's acceptance speech in Cleveland, copes of the remarks appeared online. According to Politico, a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton blasted the text out on its email list.

The PAC, Correct ...Read more

Clinton said ready to announce running mate as soon as Friday, source says

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CLEVELAND -- Hillary Clinton is poised to unveil her choice of a running mate as soon as Friday via a text message to supporters, according to a person familiar with the plans, as she seeks to recapture public attention following a week in which Donald Trump and the Republican Party dominated the news.

The timing for the unveiling of her choice...Read more

Ted Cruz gambles again and goes his own way; is it his end or beginning?

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CLEVELAND -- Sen. Ted Cruz's controversial speech to the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night was vintage Cruz -- a calculated, high-risk gamble that could either wound his political career or give him a platform for a 2020 or 2024 White House run.

The junior senator from Texas stood by his speech and decision not to endorse ...Read more

Ted Cruz's 2020 campaign starts now, at the expense of unifying GOP around Trump

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CLEVELAND -- Sen. Ted Cruz all but announced his 2020 presidential bid, positioning himself as the most prominent Republican unwilling to back Donald Trump and the party's most unflinching conservative in an incredible revolt that threatens to further divide the GOP.

In a rowdy exchange Thursday morning with home-state Texas delegates after ...Read more

Trump family slams Ted Cruz for refusing to endorse GOP nominee

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CLEVELAND -- Donald Trump's family and top advisers pounded Ted Cruz on Thursday for refusing to endorse the Republican presidential nominee, saying the Texas senator deserved the booing he got from delegates Wednesday night.

Eric Trump, one of the candidate's sons, called Cruz "classless" for refusing to use his prime-time convention speech to...Read more

Donald Trump forgives loans he made to his campaign and ends June with $20 million in the bank

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CLEVELAND -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ended June with more than $20 million in the bank, according to federal campaign finance filings, as he rebounded from earlier dismal fundraising efforts.

But Trump still significantly lags behind Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in raising cash and spending to build a general-election...Read more