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Why Is Assange Pushing Trump's Conspiracies?

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Among the most distasteful features of this election cycle is the adoption of right-wing propaganda themes -- including moldy material from decades ago -- by ostensibly progressive activists and publications. In their zeal to bring down Hillary Clinton, elements of the left have mimicked the right to promote "scandals" that were decisively ...Read more

Country First: Why John McCain Must Dump Trump

From the Left / Joe Conason /

"Country first."

That was the patriotic slogan of John McCain's presidential campaign eight years ago, uttered by the Arizona Republican to express a higher purpose than partisan, ideological or career motivations. Behind that brief phrase was the primacy of the nation -- not necessarily above family or religion, perhaps, but certainly above ...Read more

Why America Recoils From Trump

From the Left / Joe Conason /

The revulsion evoked by Donald Trump as he accepted the Republican presidential nomination in Cleveland goes far beyond his speech, which was memorable only for its angry mood, not its vapid content. What repelled so many Americans in that moment was the realization -- or simply the intuition -- that the candidate of the Grand Old Party in ...Read more

French Paradox: Terror Attacks Continue as ISIS Loses Ground

From the Left / Joe Conason /

In the hours after the horrendous attack on French revelers and tourists in Nice -- celebrating Bastille Day in homage to liberty, equality and fraternity -- supporters of the so-called Islamic State declared revenge for the reported killing of an ISIS commander known as "Omar the Chechen." Indeed, several of their top commanders have been ...Read more

What the Republican Assault on James Comey Reveals About Today's GOP

From the Left / Joe Conason /

The confrontation between FBI Director James Comey and his would-be tormentors on the House Government Oversight Committee revealed something far more fundamental about politics in America today than the reasons why Hillary Clinton will not be prosecuted over her "damned emails."

The calm, intelligent, upright Comey, focused on facts and fair...Read more

Crying 'Rape,' Trump? Unseal Your Divorce Records

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Evidently Donald Trump believes his campaign can accomplish with an Internet video what Kenneth Starr failed to do with $50 million and a platoon of private detectives and FBI agents: Bring down Bill and Hillary Clinton by dredging them through moldy muck. Somehow he doesn't seem to understand his own vulnerability on scandalous matters that ...Read more


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