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Sit! Stay! Listen! Pet Life Radio is on

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. --Want to know the latest trends in carpeted cat furniture? What to do about your dog's strange skin rash? If you really can train a rabbit to walk on a leash?

There's probably a show on Pet Life Radio to answer these ...

A Backwards Glance into the History of Cats

Have you ever wondered where "today's cat" came from? I have and so I began a little research on the history of cats. Apparently no one really knows when or how "the cat" first appeared on our planet. According to some sources it is said that ...

Pampered piglet gains worldwide popularity

AKRON, Ohio -- As divas go, Miss Piggy's got nothing on this porcine princess. A natural ham, the piglet poses for pictures as she munches on pears in her positively pink bedroom.

But her favorite food is, of course, pizza.

Penelopi lives with ...