Vocabulary / Knowledge

Today's Word "Etiolate"

etiolate \EE-tee-eh-leyt\ (verb) - 1 : To bleach or make pale, especially by depriving of light. 2 : To make feeble or sickly. "Alex had a face etiolated from years of lurking in the dank recesses of pool halls."

Today's Word "Stogy"

stogy \STO-gee\ (noun) - A cheap cigar. "My neighbor from Cuba hasn't been home lately, so we'll have to smoke these stogies I got at the the local Mega-Lo-Mart."

Today's Word "Opprobrium"

opprobrium \eh-PRO-bri-ehm\ (noun) - Disgrace or reproach brought on by extremely shameful conduct. The action causing such reproach. "The opprobrium of pulverizing a row of mother's roses with the lawn mower cost Judith a week of freedom of ...

Today's Word "Cacodylic"

cacodylic \kae-keh-DI-lik\ (adjective) - 1 : Belonging to the arsenic group of poisons. 2 : Foul-smelling. "After playing in the yard, Meghan found a cacodylic substance clinging stubbornly to the bottom of her right shoe."

Getting a 'Grip' on Hollywood Job Titles

"Gaffer"? "Key Grip"? "Foley Artist"?

As the Academy Awards approach, let's explore the origins of those strange job titles that scroll by during movie credits. We'll get help from Richard Weiner's book "The Skinny about Best Boys, Dollies, ...

Today's Word "Inure"

inure \i-NYUR\ (verb) - To habituate someone to something undesirable, especially after they have endured it for a long time. "Regina's TV dinners were a far cry from her mother's creative cuisine but after a while she became inured to them"