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White to Play

by Pete Tamburro
White to Play

George Koltanowski once reached this position in a simultaneous exhibition and announced a mate in eight. He later offered a prize for people who could do it in less moves. People found mates in five, six and seven moves, and he listed all the solvers in his book, Adventures of a Chess Master. However, he felt that it could be done in four moves and offered a book prize for that. I will list the name of anyone who can find a mate in four (or less!), but no book! BTW, I can’t find a mate in four either!


Here’s your mate in five--1.Nc3+ Kd4 [1...Kf3 2.Bg5+ Kg4 3.Rg1+ Kh3 4.Qf5+ Qg4 5.Qxg4#] 2.Qxd7+ Kc5 3.Be3+ Kb4 4.a3+ Ka5 [4...Kc4 5.Qxc6#] 5.Qxc7#

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