Canada naturist group scuba dives in the buff -- regardless of the cold

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EDMONTON, Alberta (UPI) -- A group of naturists in Canada have traded in wetsuits for birthday suits and begun a series of nude scuba diving events -- despite the fact that it's still wintertime.

The group known as Cottontail Corner rented out a pool at Scona Pool in Edmonton to hold their first nude scuba diving class, or "nudie swim".

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Man uses snowboard to wakeboard on flooded streets

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MOSCOW (UPI) -- A Russian daredevil made the best of flooded streets by using his snowboard as a makeshift wakeboard to cruise the streets of his city.

The daring wakeboarder used a selfie stick to film himself as he held onto a rope attached to a car and was pulled through the streets of a city while standing on a snowboard.

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Squirrel left thousands without power in Tulsa

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TULSA, Okla. (UPI) -- A squirrel caused a 40-minute power outage according to Public Service Company of Oklahoma.

The outage, caused by a squirrel that made its way into Tulsa power substation, affected about 5,500 customers including six Tulsa Public School buildings.

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Snowmobile rider records 'close call' with avalanche

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VALEMOUNT, British Columbia (UPI) -- A snowmobile rider in British Columbia captured video of his "close call" when he was buried by the snow from an avalanche.

The man, Trevor D., wrote online that he was on his way back to a cabin at Allen Creek in Valemount when he encountered the avalanche.

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Giant panda cub ventures outside for the first time

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Bei Bei, the 5-month-old giant panda cub at the Smithsonian's National Zoo, ventured outside for the first time to greet his adoring public.

The Washington zoo shared video on YouTube of Bei Bei, who was born Aug. 22, venturing into the outdoor panda enclosure for the first time Thursday with his mother, Mei Xiang.

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Eighth-grader clinches basketball championship with three-quarters court shot

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ELMHURST, Ill. (UPI) -- An eighth grade student on an Illinois basketball team is going viral for his championship-winning buzzer-beater from three quarters of the court away.

The St. John of the Cross School shared video on Facebook of Jack Hlavin's last-second tie-breaking shot from the championship game Saturday.

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Man captures video of lightning strike mere feet away

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SYDNEY (UPI) -- A pair of Australian friends filming rain from a boat shed captured footage of a lightning strike that was so close they "felt the static."

Nick Panayiotou and Daniel Dudman said they had just decided not to take their boat out on Oyster Bay in Sydney on Jan. 30 when lightning struck the shed mere feet away from were they were ...Read more

Hungry sea lion pup takes seat at California restaurant

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SAN DIEGO (UPI) -- Staff at a California restaurant were met with an unusual customer on Thursday morning when a sea lion pup took a seat at a booth.

Chef Bernard Guillas of The Marine Room in San Diego shared photos of the pup who took a look out the window after growing dissatisfied with the lack of service.

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Stray cat hitches ride on truck from Toronto to Calgary

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TORONTO (UPI) -- A stray cat from Toronto found itself on the other side of the country after hitching a ride on a transport truck headed to Calgary.

The three-year-old cat whose lengthy journey earned it the nickname Gulliver, boarded the Westbound truck in December and was cared for by the staff of the Bison Transport company after the three ...Read more

Police: Suspect used stolen cellphone to call victim's house twice

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BELTSVILLE, Md. (UPI) -- A Maryland police department said a burglary suspect accused of stealing a woman's cellphone called her home twice and spoke with police before being arrested.

The Prince George's County Police Department said a Beltsville woman called 911 on Sunday and said she woke up to find a stranger in her bedroom.

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Police: Box of Girl Scout cookies helped identify motorcycle chase suspect

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HEMET, Calif. (UPI) -- A California police department said a man accused of leading officers on a motorcycle chase was arrested thanks to a discarded box of Girl Scout cookies.

The Hemet Police Department said officers attempted to stop a motorcyclist for a vehicle code violation about 4 p.m. Thursday, but the suspect sped away at speeds ...Read more

Man crashes drone into 40th floor of Empire State Building

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NEW YORK (UPI) -- A camera drone filming the Empire State Building in New York crashed into the 40th floor of the skyscraper and fell to a 35th flood landing, police said.

Sean Nivin Riddle tweeted Thursday that his drone was "stuck on the Empire State Building" and he was speaking with security about the issue.

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Food Surgeon replaces Reese's filling with Oreo cream

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A YouTube user known as The Food Surgeon surgically removed the filling from a Reese's peanut butter cup and replaced it with Oreo cream.

The video uploaded to YouTube depicts the "Reese's Peanut-Butter-Ectomy with Oreo Cream Transplant" completed using surgical gloves and a scalpel.

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KFC identifies man's 'vile' meal as deep fried 'kidney or lung'

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LABRADOR, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian man who found something "vile" when he bit into a piece of KFC fried chicken likely received a kidney or lung, the chain said.

Marc Nicholls said he ordered the $8.47 meal at the KFC in Labrador, Queensland, Tuesday afternoon and he gave up on the food after a single bite.

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Photo booth theft suspect found after machine took his photo

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BATAVIA, Ill. (UPI) -- Police in Illinois were able to identify the suspect in a photo booth theft after the machine was activated during the robbery.

The booth at Funway Amusements captured photos of the suspect who pried open the machine's cash drawer and stole $75 in cash and caused $75 worth of damage, according to Batavia police department...Read more

Museum-invading mouse ensnared by display's 155-year-old mousetrap

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READING, England (UPI) -- A British museum said the mousetrap that caught an invading rodent recently wasn't there for pest control, it was a 155-year-old piece on display.

The University of Reading's Museum of English Rural Life said workers arriving Thursday morning noticed an unusual email from an assistant curator: "There appears to be a ...Read more

Cat missing for a year found living in pet food warehouse

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NOTTINGHAM, England (UPI) -- A cat that had been missing for more than a year was discovered living in a UK pet food warehouse.

Kennelgate Pet Superstores in Nottingham, England shared a photo of Clive the cat who was found hiding and eating food from the pet store's warehouse.

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Cheetah climbs safari group's Jeep, sits for 45 minutes

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MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, Kenya (UPI) -- A cheetah that jumped onto a safari group's Jeep in Kenya turned out to be seeking a place to chill for a while.

Video of the incident in Masai Mara shows the curious big cat spot the Jeep from afar and wander toward the vehicle for a closer look as the driver stops for the tourists to take pictures....Read more

Great white shark circles father and son's fishing boat in Florida

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PONCE INLET, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida man out fishing with his son captured video of what appears to be a 14-foot great white shark circling their boat off the coast of Volusia County.

Gino DellaCava, 42, recorded the video Sunday that was posted to Facebook by his son, Devin, 18.

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Pilot captures fireball in the sky on plane-mounted camera

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NEW YORK (UPI) -- A small plane pilot strapped a GoPro to the outside of his aircraft and captured footage while flying over New York of a fireball streaking across the night sky.

Mike Grossman posted a video to YouTube of the fireball streaking across the sky while he was flying his Piper Archer 1,500 feet over the Hudson River.

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