Farewell to arms: Los Angeles County sheriff melts down 7,044 confiscated guns

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LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department shared video of 7,044 confiscated guns being melted down to make steel reinforcing bar.

The annual event, overseen by Sheriff Jim McDonnell, saw 7,044 confiscated guns -- totaling 19,840 pounds -- being melted down to make rebar for construction use including freeway and bridge ...Read more

Pennsylvania police invite owner of 'lost' marijuana to 'stop by the station'

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CHELTENHAM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania police department is seeking the owner of an unusual piece of "found property" -- nearly 5 pounds of marijuana.

The Cheltenham Township Police Department said in a Facebook post the block of pot was delivered inside a package to a confused resident who notified the authorities.

The post ...Read more

Wisconsin dog repeats after owner: 'I love you'

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ROCHESTER, Wis. (UPI) -- A Wisconsin pet owner captured video of her Alaskan malamute showing off an unusual trick -- saying "I love you."

The video, recorded July 13 in Rochester, shows the 2-year-old canine repeating her owner's profession of love.

"We always knew our Alaskan malamute wasn't mute," the filmer wrote.

"She is very talkative ...Read more

Giant mechanical miner puppet touring England

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TAVISTOCK, England (UPI) -- A 32-foot-tall mechanical puppet of a Cornish coal miner is walking the streets of England for a 130-mile journey.

The Man Engine, created by Golden Tree Productions founder Will Coleman, is crossing the 120 miles of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site in England to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the region ...Read more

Dueling waterspouts cross paths off Hilton Head Island

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HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (UPI) -- A man filming the coastline on South Carolina's Hilton Head Island captured footage of dueling waterspouts crossing paths over the ocean.

The video, filmed Friday, shows a large waterspout and a smaller waterspout moving toward one another about 5 miles off the coast of Hilton Head Island.

"Double waterspout, ...Read more

Road outside Florida high school painted to read 'SCOHOL'

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DELTONA, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida high school's spelling is under scrutiny after the road outside the building was freshly painted to read "SCOHOL."

Kevin O'Korn posted a photo to Facebook Saturday showing Volusia County had painted the road outside Pine Ridge Middle School in Deltona to read "SCOHOL," and the spelling error appeared twice.

It ...Read more

Family wakes to find 5-1/2-foot crocodile in their bathroom

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DARWIN, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian family woke up to a bizarre discovery -- someone had entered their home and left a 5-1/2-foot crocodile in their bathroom.

Homeowner Becky Myers said she and her family members often spot crocodiles near their home in the Bees Creek area of Darwin, but the saltwater croc her tenant discovered in their ...Read more

Seniors using 'Pokemon Go' to stay physically, mentally active

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DEBARY, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida nursing home and rehab center has found a new tool to keep seniors physically and mentally active -- blockbuster smartphone game Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game that calls on players to seek out digital creatures in real-world locations, is catching on with patients at the DeBary Nursing and ...Read more

Pillow dummy fails to fool police in New York carpool lane

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DIX HILLS, N.Y. (UPI) -- Police in New York state shared a photo of a pillow-based dummy used by a driver to cheat her way into the carpool lane.

The Suffolk County Police Department said a 61-year-old woman was ticketed Thursday morning for not following the rules of the high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

The department said the woman was pulled ...Read more

Great white shark steals fisherman's catch off Massachusetts

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CHATHAM, Mass. (UPI) -- A group fishing from a boat off Massachusetts captured video of a great white shark stealing a catch from the end of a line.

Stephen Lamb was attempting to reel in a striped bass July 16 off the Chatham coast with his wife, Linda, and some friends when the ocean predator made an unexpected appearance.

The video, which ...Read more

VIDEO: Russian balloonist breaks around-the-world record

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NORTHAN, Australia (UPI) -- A Russian balloonist broke the record for traveling around-the-world in the fastest time in a hot air balloon.

Fyodor Konyukhov, 64, passed directly over the airfield Saturday afternoon in the Western Australian town of Northam where he began his journey 11 days ago, the Australian reported. He landed a few hours ...Read more

VIDEO: 110-year-old, 15-pound lobster rescued from Florida restaurant

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SUNRISE, Fla. (UPI) -- A 15-pound lobster that was intended to be served at a Florida restaurant will instead be transported to an aquarium in Maine due to the work of an animal rescue group.

Joe Melluso of the Tin Fish restaurant had planned to cook the massive crustacean, but was willing to let it go after John Merritt from iRescue and ...Read more

Jet ski racer and son soar over water with 'flying attachment'

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SANDIA, Texas (UPI) -- A group of jet ski racers in Texas showed off their homemade "flying attachment" that helped a rider and his son hover above the waves.

The video, filmed July 4 in Sandia, shows a man using the DIY jet ski "flying attachment" to soar several feet above the water with his son on his back.

The filmer said the builder, a ...Read more

VIDEO: 'Unusual sea creature' identified as 'decorated' crab

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PERTH, Australia (UPI) -- A fisherman who posted video of an "unusual creature" found in his craypot off Australia said the animal was revealed to have a somewhat surprising identity.

Rodney Harris posted a video to YouTube showing the small orange creature he found in his craypot off the coast of Perth.

Harris identified the animal in the ...Read more

New York 'Pokemon Go' player claims to have caught all 142 available Pokemon

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NEW YORK (UPI) -- A Pokemon Go player in New York claims to have captured all 142 of the digital monsters known to be available in the United States.

Brooklyn-based Pokemon Master Nick Johnson shared a screenshot of the game on Reddit showing he has captured 142 Pokemon, the maximum number believed to be available in the United States.

Pokemon...Read more

Black bear spotted in tree in Miami

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MIAMI (UPI) -- Police in Miami worked to capture a black bear that was spotted at the top of a tree on Friday afternoon in a suburban neighborhood.

According to WSVN, Miami-Dade police first received calls of a bear in a tree in the Cutler Bay area on Thursday, and received additional calls on Friday.

Florida wildlife officers arrived on the ...Read more

Runaway horse crashes into motor scooter in China

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JIAXING, China (UPI) -- A motor scooter rider in China came up against an unusual road hazard when a runaway horse came along and knocked him to the ground.

A video recorded by a traffic surveillance camera July 14 shows the scooter driver and a passenger traveling down a Zhejiang Province road.

A runaway horse approaches the pair from behind ...Read more

VIDEO: Water dumped from Hoover Dam flows upward

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BOULDER CITY, Nev. (UPI) -- A visitor to the Hoover Dam in Nevada performed an amateur science experiment by dumping out a water bottle and watching the water flow upward.

The video, posted to Instagram by user @leslieh138, shows the woman standing atop the Hoover Dam and dumping a water bottle over the side of the structure.

The water from ...Read more

Humpback whale puts on a show for boats off Australian coast

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SWANSEA HEADS, Australia (UPI) -- A whale watcher off the coast of Australia captured footage of a humpback putting on a show for nearby boats with multiple breaches.

The video, posted to Facebook by Erin Murphy, shows the humpback getting close to the whale watching boat, as well as another boat nearby.

The gigantic ocean mammal breaches ...Read more

VIDEO: Swedish engineer takes DIY 'multicopter' for a test flight

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden (UPI) -- A Swedish engineer shared video of his successful test flight in a homemade "multicopter" powerful enough to lift him several feet off the ground.

Inventor Axel Borg posted a video to YouTube showing his test flight in the multicopter, which he has been building for more than a year and documenting his progress on his...Read more