Fence-climbing alligator caught on camera at Florida country club

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FORT MYERS, Fla. (UPI) -- An acrobatic alligator at a Florida county club was recorded showing off his skills by swiftly climbing over a wire fence topped with barbed wire.

Eric Gilbert posted a video to YouTube showing the approximately 8-foot-long alligator making quick work of the chain-link fence at the Hideaway County Club in Fort Myers ...Read more

SUV drives backward at a high speed on Chinese road

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BEIJING (UPI) -- A driver on a stretch of highway in the Chinese capital captured footage of another vehicle traveling down the road at a high speed -- in reverse.

The video, filmed from inside a vehicle on a Beijing highway, shows an SUV in front of the filmer traveling down the stretch of highway while facing backward.

The driver of the ...Read more

Small plane makes emergency landing after bird crashes through windshield

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SPRING, Texas (UPI) -- A small plane made an emergency landing in Texas after a bird crashed through the windshield shortly after takeoff.

Student pilot Adrian Sierra said he and instructor Blake Leymeister, 30, were circling Lake Conroe in the Cessna 172 single-engine plane after taking off Wednesday from David Wayne Hooks Airport in Harris ...Read more

'Dead cat' brought to animal shelter found to be dog puppet

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ST. ANDREW, Guernsey (UPI) -- An animal shelter on the British island of Guernsey said a "dead cat" brought in by a member of the public was neither dead nor a cat -- it was a dog puppet.

Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals manager Steve Byrne said a member of the public brought in a box containing a blanket-wrapped "dead ...Read more

Police break down door to rescue 'lifeless woman' -- a plastic blow-up doll

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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (UPI) -- Police in the Dutch capital said they kicked down the door to an apartment to rescue a woman who turned out to be an inflatable sex doll.

Amsterdam police said in a Facebook post officers were called to the apartment Tuesday by neighbors who reported looking into the apartment's window and seeing a woman standing...Read more

Second escaped Toronto capybara captured

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TORONTO (UPI) -- The second of two capybaras was captured in Canada about a month after escaping from a zoo in Toronto.

Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation shared a photo of the large rodent as they welcomed back the second half of the pair of capybaras that many compared to fugitive crime duo Bonnie and Clyde.

"Thanks to our dedicated Parks ...Read more

Maine police 'not joking' about beaver-eating snake on the loose

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WESTBROOK, Maine (UPI) -- A Maine police department insists it is "not joking" about reports of a large snake seen eating a suspected beaver on a riverbank.

The Westbrook Police Department said in a Facebook post an officer patrolling the Riverbank Park area spotted the "large snake" about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday eating a large mammal, possibly ...Read more

Boston Beer Company files for 'Brexit' trademark

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BOSTON (UPI) -- Boston Beer Company, owners of the Samuel Adams Brand of beer, sought to capitalize on Britain's decision to leave the European Union by filing a trademark for the term "Brexit."

According to Tantalizing Trademarks, Boston Beer Company filed an application with the Trademark office for "Brexit" under class 033 for hard cider....Read more

Instructor attempts 'Goat Yoga' with baby goat on her back

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SCIO, Ore. (UPI) -- An Oregon farmer announced upcoming "Goat Yoga" classes with a video of a yoga instructor performing poses with a baby goat on her back.

The video, posted to YouTube by Lainey Morse, shows a professional yoga instructor attempting to perform poses outside while a baby goat balances on her back.

The woman's yoga routine is ...Read more

Shark bites smaller shark in half in front of Florida fishermen

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HUTCHINSON ISLAND, Fla. (UPI) -- A pair of Florida fishermen reeling in a 4-foot black tip shark captured the moment a huge bull shark appeared in the water and ripped the smaller predator in half.

Peter Hinck posted a video to his Palm Beach Pete channel on YouTube showing footage from his fishing trip off Hutchinson Island with a friend he ...Read more

Wildlife officials plead with public to stop harassing Houston alligator

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HOUSTON (UPI) -- Texas wildlife officials are asking residents to steer clear of alligators after a video posted online showed a man wrestling with a wild gator in Houston.

An alligator has been spotted numerous times in recent days in a culvert near the bayou on Monroe near Almeda Genoa in Houston.

Videos show crowds gathered at the site to ...Read more

Miss Teen USA swaps bikinis for athletic wear

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NEW YORK (UPI) -- The Miss Teen USA organization is swapping the swimsuit competition of the beauty pageant for an athletic wear competition, CNN is reporting.

The company is acknowledging a modern era of women's empowerment, where beauty pageants are often considered demeaning to women.

"This decision reflects an important cultural shift we'...Read more

World's largest uncut diamond fails to sell at auction

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LONDON (UPI) -- The world's largest uncut diamond has not sold at a London auction.

The Lesedi La Rona diamond, expected to sell for more than $ 70 million, fell notably short of the Sotheby's minimum reserve price. The auction was the first time such a large, rough diamond has been put on public sale.

The diamond is the size of a tennis ball ...Read more

Snail slime causes crash on Autobahn

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PADERBORN, Germany (UPI) -- A car crashed while traveling on the Autobahn in Germany after police say it slipped on slime produced by a group of snails.

A German police report states that a young driver found his car skidding across the road and overturning due to slippery road conditions caused by a large group of snails.

The man's car struck...Read more

Cat causes $5,000 in damage to shelter after turning on faucet with paw

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POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (UPI) -- A cat reportedly caused thousands of dollars worth of damage after turning on a faucet with its paw at the Florida Humane Society in Broward County, Fla. on Thursday.

A spokesman for the shelter says they believe a mischievous 6-month-old kitten is responsible for $5,000 worth of damage after turning on a faucet and...Read more

Drone pilot knocks cup off his own head

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MONTREAL (UPI) -- A Montreal drone enthusiast showed off his precision piloting skills by using his quadcopter to knock a cup off of his own head.

David Freiheit posted a video to YouTube showing how he used his drone to knock a plastic cup off his head without crashing it or injuring his cranium.

"Do not try at home -- done by a professional ...Read more

Llama loves the leaf blower breeze in zoo's cute video

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HOUSTON (UPI) -- The Houston Zoo shared video of a happy llama's enthusiastic reaction to getting a strong breeze from a leaf blower.

The zoo posted a video to YouTube showing Fiesta the llama enjoying the strong wind current from a leaf-blower wielded by a zoo worker.

The llama turns her body around and even rolls on the ground to feel the ...Read more

Firefighters free 8-foot snake trapped in owner's gas heater

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GAINSBOROUGH, England (UPI) -- A fire department in Britain shared photos from the unusual rescue of an 8-foot snake that slithered into its owner's gas heater.

The Gainsborough Fire Station posted a series of photos to Twitter showing scenes from the rescue of Billy the boa constrictor from a gas heater at his owner's Gainsborough home about 3...Read more

Missing cat found living in house on same block after two years

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BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. (UPI) -- A missing cat has sparked a conflict between two Illinois families after it was found living down the block from its original home after two years.

Joey, the 8-year-old Himalayan, was listed missing on microchip location site Pet Key by his owner Nichole Milone on September 27, 2013.

"Joey went missing from home. He...Read more

Artistic baker shares process behind Madagascar hissing cockroach cake

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (UPI) -- A New York state artist shared a video showing how she created a cake that looks like a giant version of a Madagascar hissing cockroach.

Katherine Dey of Rochester posted a video to YouTube showing the step-by-step process she went through to create the intricately detailed and highly realistic cake, which is filled ...Read more