Purse stolen 14 years ago found in garbage can and returned to owner

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SEABROOK, N.H. (UPI) -- A New Hampshire woman received a resolution to an old crime when her stolen purse was returned to her after more than a decade.

Lisa Hall Mazzaglia shared a photo of the purse which was returned to her after 14 years when it was found in a garbage can at Market Basket in Seabrook, N.H.

She was initially confused when ...Read more

Wisconsin fishermen find 60-year-old Budweiser six-pack in river

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FREMONT, Wis. (UPI) -- A trio of friends fishing in a Wisconsin river made perhaps the most Wisconsin-appropriate catch of all time -- a 60-year-old six pack of beer.

Adam Graves and Christian Burzynski said they were fishing during the weekend on the Wolf River in Fremont when their friend Andy dredged up the six pack of Budweiser cans.

"They...Read more

Massive 14-foot baseball player stolen from billboard

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) -- A massive statue of a baseball player was stolen from a billboard near the Kansas City Royals stadium.

The 14-foot, 150 pound outfielder disappeared from the billboard on Thursday morning and advertising agency Lamar Advertising estimated that the damages were valued around $8,000.

"Our crews loved that billboard. ...Read more

Kitten rescued after being trapped in manhole for three days

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PHOENIX (UPI) -- Emergency workers at Arizona's humane society worked to rescue a newborn kitten that had been trapped under a manhole.

Arizona Humane Society shared a video of the 5-week-old kitten, who had been stuck beneath the manhole for three days, after its rescue.

Human society workers monitored the kitten and sent food down the ...Read more

Australian brewery creates beer using yeast from belly button lint

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GISBORNE SOUTH, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian brewery is mixing up a unique malted beverage for an upcoming festival: a beer brewed using yeast from belly button lint.

The 7 Cent Brewery in Victoria announced on its website that the 2016 Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular next month in Melbourne and Sydney will see the debut of Belly Button...Read more

Diver records encounter with friendly silky sharks in Florida

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JUPITER, Fla. (UPI) -- A diver off the coast of Florida captured video of his encounter with a group of large silky sharks that allowed him to get close and even stroke their backs.

The video, filmed in waters off Jupiter, Fla., shows the man's perspective as he encounters the group of curious sharks, which take turns approaching him.

The ...Read more

Florida man clings to hood of speeding car in road rage incident

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KENDALL, Fla. (UPI) -- An apparent case of road rage in Florida led to a man clinging to the hood of a white car as it sped away from the scene of the argument.

Witnesses said the driver of a black sedan argued with the driver of a white Volkswagen Tuesday in Kendall, south of Miami, and ended up jumping on the car's hood in an apparent attempt...Read more

Baltimore TV station bomb threat turns out to be candy

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BALTIMORE (UPI) -- A man dressed in a panda suit claiming to have a bomb threatened a Baltimore TV station for about 90 minutes until he was shot by police as he walked out on to the street.

The unidentified man, 25, is expected to recover. No one else was hurt in the incident.

The bomb that appeared to be strapped to his chest was actually a ...Read more

Moscow spending $1.32 million to create 'perfect weather' for May Day

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MOSCOW (UPI) -- Russia's Kremlin has allocated more than $1 million toward technology that will guarantee good weather in the country's capital city for its May 1 festivities.

Russia's government is investing in "cloud seeding" technology that will ensure blue skies in Moscow on May 1, which marks both International Worker's Day and a ...Read more

PuiPui the bunny dresses in dapper handmade clothing

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TOKYO (UPI) -- A bunny in Japan has gained an online following for modeling a series of stylish outfits handmade by its owner.

The well-dressed Holland Lop rabbit named PuiPui is both the subject of Instagram user mumitan's photography and the model for their handmade, bunny-sized outfits.

Mumitan describes PuiPui as "The most stylish bunny in...Read more

Paramount Pictures sued over copyright of Klingon language

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LAS VEGAS (UPI) -- A group called the Language Creation Society is suing Paramount Pictures in federal court over its copyright of the Klingon language from the television series Star Trek, arguing that it is a real language and therefore not subject to copyright.

The suit, filed by Marc Randazza and the Language Creation Society, argues that ...Read more

Octopus uses coconut shell to roll along ocean floor

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NGINAMANU, Indonesia (UPI) -- A clever octopus in Indonesian waters was caught on video showing off its ability to roll along the ocean floor using two coconut halves.

The video, filmed near the village of Nginamanu, Indonesia, shows cephalopod holding onto the two halves of a coconut to roll along the ocean floor.

The shell gives the octopus ...Read more

'Hoverseat' transforms hoverboards into sit-down vehicles

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MIAMI (UPI) -- A Florida company unveiled the "Hoverseat," a hoverboard attachment designed to transform the self-propelled scooters into motorized chairs.

Miami-based Boats To Go posted a video to YouTube showing how the patent-pending attachment can turn the electric hoverboard devices into slow-speed vehicles similar to go-karts.

"Any type ...Read more

Black bear takes a drink from in-ground Pennsylvania pool

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FORKS TOWNSHIP, N.J. (UPI) -- A black bear was caught on video wandering through a Pennsylvania neighborhood and pausing to take a drink from an in-ground swimming pool.

Residents spotted the bear wandering through Forks Township Sunday and one local started capturing video of the animal after seeing it climb a neighbor's 4-foot fence.

The ...Read more

Uninvited alligator removed from Louisiana living room

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STERLINGTON, La. (UPI) -- A Louisiana homeowner's father paid a visit to the under-construction house and discovered an unexpected squatter -- a large and very ornery alligator.

David Bradford, whose son owns the Sterlington home, said he went to the house Tuesday morning before a scheduled visit from painters and discovered the reptile ...Read more

U.K. Royal Mail threatens to stop delivering to man after cat attacks

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BRISTOL, England (UPI) -- A U.K. man's cat could potentially cost him his mail service as the Royal Mail declared the pet a "potential hazard."

Matthew Sampson of Bristol, England shared a photo of a letter that he received from the Royal Mail, which stated that his cat Bella "snatches the mail and put [the postman's] fingers at risk of injury ...Read more

VIDEO: Baby skunk escapes animal tracker

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HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (UPI) -- A clever baby skunk impressed a group of animal trappers with its ability to evade capture.

Animal Trackers Wildlife of Hoffman Estates, Ill. shared a video of the tiny skunk as it outsmarted the crew and escaped back to its family.

"This baby skunk is one tough customer, and super cute," they wrote. Here, he ...Read more

Woman uses crowdfunding campaign to rescue cat from tree

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FERNTREE GULLY, Australia (UPI) -- A woman in Australia sought the help crowdfunding to rescue her neighbor's cat from a neighborhood tree.

Susie Butler created the GoFundMe campaign "Get Boots down from the tree" after her neighbor's orange tabby cat had been trapped in a 40-foot tall tree.

"As of 6 p.m. he has been up there 12 hours," she ...Read more

Missing peacock returned to New York home

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HUNTINGTON, N.Y. (UPI) -- A runaway peacock was returned to its home on a New York farm after being tracked down by local police.

Gulliver, also known as Pea, had been missing from Eddie Armstrong's farm in Lattingtown since April 19.

"First it went to Lattingtown church, then it went to Birch Hill Road, then it went to Bayville Road and that ...Read more

VIDEO: Lightning strike on airplane over London caught on camera

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LONDON (UPI) -- A British man filming stormy weather in London captured the moment a bolt of lightning collided with a plane preparing to land.

Aled Rhys Jones posted a video to YouTube showing slowed-down footage from the Wednesday evening thunderstorm over West London.

The video shows a bolt of lightning appear to strike a plane headed ...Read more