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Late Night Funny #4

The anthropologist said she was preparing for a museum exhibit and according to the company that makes Hello Kitty, she is not a cat. She is a cartoon character. And a little girl. But not a cat. That makes as much sense as Hasbro announcing that ...

Late Night Funny #3

According to an anthropologist from the University of Hawaii, who spent years studying this, Hello Kitty is not actually a cat. I hope the anthropologist was studying other stuff, too. Jimmy Kimmel

Late Night Funny #2

Chinese authorities have seized 30,000 tons of what? Chicken feet. Because they're tainted. Well, there goes my cookout. Is there really a difference between tainted chicken feet and non-tainted chicken feet? It's negligible. David Letterman

Late Night Funny #1

It's Labor Day weekend. Labor Day, of course, is a holiday where people take three days off from being unemployed.It's Labor Day weekend — time to put up your Christmas decorations. David Letterman

Volvo for Women

Volvo has unveiled an auto designed by women for women called the YCC, 'Your Concept Car.' Among its cutting-edge femifeatures: -- Turn signals that are able to change their mind at the last minute. -- An OnStar satellite tracking system that ...

Quick Funny

"What a hotel! The towels were so fluffy I could hardly close my suitcase." -- Henny Youngman