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Long wait to come to America for Iraqis, Afghans who served U.S. troops

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WASHINGTON -- Frodo lived in fear for nine years.

He knew when two men showed up at his front door to threaten him in 2006 that his family would continue living in danger because of the three years he spent as an interpreter for U.S. forces in Iraq, including some of the most violent years of the war.

"(Militants) said to my parents and my ...Read more

Shark's unique trek could help save the species

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Her name is Jiffy Lube2, a relatively small shortfin mako shark that, like others of her kind, swims long distances every day in search of prey and comfortable water temperatures.

But Jiffy Lube2's travels are making waves among scientists who study sharks.

The 140-pound mako swam 11,000 miles in the past year using a route that researchers at...Read more

Washington's wildfire season gets off to an early, unprecedented start

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WENATCHEE, Wash. -- The Sleepy Hollow fire raced down the crisp Sage Hills, straight toward the Broadview neighborhood in the apple capital of the world. Flames shot high into the night, torching 29 homes and causing hundreds of people to flee. Then the fire did something no one here had seen before.

Embers flew more than a mile the night of ...Read more

Negotiators make progress on Iran sanctions, past nuclear activity

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VIENNA -- The head of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog agency said Saturday he hopes to complete his investigation of Iran's past nuclear-energy activities by December, potentially removing a major obstacle to completion of world powers' nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic.

Diplomats said there has also been progress on another disputed ...Read more

Tribe's quest to gain federal recognition is rejected

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SEATTLE -- The Duwamish Tribe's decades-long quest to gain federal recognition hit a massive roadblock this week, as the U.S. Department of Interior issued its final decision denying such recognition to the tribe.

In a letter to Cecile Hansen, tribal chairwoman, the department said it had determined the Duwamish "is not entitled to be ...Read more

Donald Trump weighs in on San Francisco killing

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Donald Trump, who declared during his presidential campaign announcement that Mexican immigrants were rapists and killers, took to Twitter on Friday to use San Francisco's fatal shooting at Pier 14 to once again slam illegal immigration and call for stronger border control.

Trump tweeted out his "heartfelt condolences" to ...Read more

Eating Pop-Tarts bans 14-year-old girl from home, sheriff says

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SUMTER COUNTY, S.C. -- The parents of a 14-year-old Dalzell, S.C., girl have been charged with child neglect after authorities found the girl living in a tent a quarter mile from the family home, banished for a week as punishment, the sheriff's department said.

Crystal Lynn Driggers, 36, and James Allen Driggers, 33, allegedly set up the tent ...Read more

Suspect in San Francisco slaying had been deported 5 times, officials say

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A man suspected of shooting and killing a woman at a popular tourist spot in San Francisco was on probation and had been deported multiple times, officials said Friday.

Francisco Sanchez, 45, was booked into San Francisco County Jail this week on suspicion of homicide. He was on active probation for an unspecified conviction in Texas, San ...Read more

AME church official: Suggested flag swaps at S. Carolina State House not acceptable

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Replacing the Confederate flag with the South Carolina state flag or another Civil War-period flag at the South Carolina State House is not an acceptable compromise to a state leader of a major African-American church.

Two of the three bills introduced in the General Assembly to move the Confederate flag off the Capitol ...Read more

Charges possible against alleged church shooter's associates

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A joint state and federal investigation into the activities of accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof has widened to include other persons of interest, according to multiple sources familiar with the ongoing investigation.

The expanded scope of the investigation now includes people with whom Roof associated in the weeks...Read more

Miriam Schapiro, pioneer of feminist art movement, dies at 91

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When Miriam Schapiro took a break from her career as a painter and moved from New York to California in 1967, it was for her husband's job.

By the time the couple returned to New York eight years later, she had established herself as a pioneer feminist and an accomplished artist exploring forms that never had been seriously considered by the ...Read more

US stockpiles powerful bunker-buster bombs in case Iran nuclear talks fail

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WASHINGTON -- As diplomats rush to reach an agreement to curb Iran's nuclear program, the U.S. military is stockpiling conventional bombs so powerful that strategists say they could cripple Tehran's most heavily fortified nuclear complexes, including one deep underground.

The bunker-busting bombs are America's most destructive munitions short ...Read more

Turkey hopes to coordinate with Kurds against Islamic State

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ISTANBUL -- Turkey said Friday that it will reach out to the Syrian Kurdish militia that it previously condemned, hoping to establish establishing a working relationship that would prevent the Islamic State group from seizing areas north of Aleppo.

But the conditions suggested for better relations seemed unlikely to be greeted warmly by the ...Read more

Iran tries last-minute bargaining tactic in nuclear talks

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VIENNA -- In an eleventh-hour appeal, Iran's foreign minister used a video clip Friday to prod the six world powers he is negotiating with to abandon "coercive" tactics and strike a deal over his nation's nuclear program.

The official, Mohammad Javad Zarif, accused the countries in an English-language video posted on YouTube of bullying Iran ...Read more

Pakistan says it's ready to launch offensive into last Taliban area

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ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's military said Friday it had completed preparations for an assault on the Shawal Valley in North Waziristan, the last sizable tribal area bordering Afghanistan still controlled by Taliban insurgents.

A remote valley of craggy peaks, forested slopes and ravines, Shawal Valley is also the final safe haven for the few al-...Read more

A giant Lego Stars and Stripes to honor Independence Day

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WASHINGTON -- Legos are one of 9-year-old Natalie Hill's favorite things. She plays with them in her bedroom or "sometimes at the dentist's office."

But this week, Natalie, who lives in Washington, was in her element at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, helping hundreds of other lovers of the colorful plastic snap-on blocks ...Read more

Greek court clears way for Sunday referendum on bailout

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Greece's top administrative court ruled Friday that a referendum on terms offered by the country's major lenders for another bailout was constitutional, clearing the way for a vote this weekend.

The ruling from the Council of State came as ATM machines reportedly were running out of smaller bills on the fifth day of restrictions limiting Greeks...Read more

Greeks rally as court approves referendum on bailout

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ATHENS, Greece -- Thousands of Greeks gathered late Friday at rallies in Athens organized by opposing sides planning to vote "yes" or "no" in Sunday's bailout referendum after a top court rejected concerns about the legality of the poll.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has urged people to vote "no" in the referendum, which he called to determine...Read more

Russia sends supply craft to space station

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MOSCOW ––Russia launched a supply craft to the International Space Station on Friday after the recent failure of two launches.

The unmanned Progress craft, which is to dock with the station on Sunday, is carrying fuel, oxygen, food, water and other supplies, Russia's space agency Roscosmos said.

The cargo has been anxiously awaited after ...Read more

Aetna to buy Humana for $37 billion

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- Health insurer Aetna will buy rival Humana for $37 billion, the companies announced Friday.

The companies forecast saving $1.25 billion in operating costs. They didn't say whether the savings will require job cuts.

The companies predicted that Aetna's profit would begin to rise in 2017 from benefits of the acquisition. The ...Read more