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John Nash, 'A Beautiful Mind' inspiration, and wife die in N.J. taxi crash

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John Forbes Nash Jr., the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician whose struggle with schizophrenia was chronicled in the 2001 movie "A Beautiful Mind," died Saturday in a car accident on the New Jersey turnpike. He was 86.

Nash and his wife, Alicia, 82, were killed when the taxicab they were riding in near Monroe Township struck a guardrail, ...Read more

Grand jury indictments in Freddie Gray case may indicate prosecution weakness

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WASHINGTON -- Subtle changes made in the criminal charges against six Baltimore police officers could reflect weaknesses in the hurriedly filed case arising from the death of Freddie Gray, legal experts say.

A grand jury on Thursday presented its indictment against the officers. Although it largely mirrored the original charges filed by State's...Read more

Marco Rubio's tax proposal challenges Republican Party's economic orthodoxy

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WASHINGTON -- Ever since 1981, when Ronald Reagan sat outside his California ranch and signed a tax-reform law that reversed half a century of mostly climbing rates, the pursuit of ever-lower income tax brackets has been the prime goal of Republican economic policy.

Altering that party orthodoxy has now become a main exhibit for Sen. Marco ...Read more

Latest oil spill echoes 1969, with less of the political fallout

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LOS ANGELES -- Along the coastline north of Santa Barbara last week rose an apparition from 1969, as oil defiled the surface of the Pacific, the beachside rocks, wildlife.

The catastrophe offshore from Santa Barbara 46 years ago was huge -- 3 million gallons of oil, its release unstoppable for weeks. The political impact was also huge, as it ...Read more

Drought cuts power production of California dams

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Shasta Dam, more than 600 feet tall and gatekeeper of the largest man-made lake in California, was designed to perform two crucial functions: store water and generate power.

And for decades, the huge concrete dam has channeled water to cities and farms while generating up enough electricity to power more than 532,000 homes.

But after four ...Read more

After 50 years of hostility, neglected U.S. mission in Havana shows its age

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HAVANA -- The oceanfront building that will become the U.S. Embassy in Cuba has faced a relentless enemy assault for more than 60 years. None of its assailants was human.

Heat, sun, high winds and salty air have taken their toll. Throw in the hostility that has marked U.S.-Cuban relations for most of the past five decades, and even routine ...Read more

Chile's architects push boundaries as their influence builds

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SANTIAGO, Chile -- Ask a design expert for global architectural destinations and chances are she'll tell you to head to Germany, home of Walter Gropius and the Bauhaus architects, or Brazil, land of Oscar Niemeyer's flamboyant Modernism. Southern California would come up for treasures such as the Case Study Houses and Louis Kahn's sculptural ...Read more

Unsafe levels of toxic pollutants in heavily fracked Ohio county

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Emissions from fracking operations may be exposing people to some toxic pollutants at levels higher than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers safe for long-term exposure, according to scientists from Oregon State University and the University of Cincinnati.

The researchers took air samples in Carroll County, Ohio, where there are ...Read more

When tornadoes are near, states flash warnings on digital billboards

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When a tornado was barreling toward Oklahoma City this month, some motorists may not have known of the possible danger. But if they were driving on the highways, they could have been alerted two dozen large, multicolored digital billboards flashing warnings.

Just as they've done with Amber Alerts to notify the public about abducted children, ...Read more

Santa Barbara County oil cleanup continues; pipeline may be dug up soon

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REFUGIO STATE BEACH, Calif.--A section of oil pipeline that ruptured and spilled thousands of gallons of crude along the Santa Barbara County coast could be dug up by the end of the holiday weekend, authorities said, giving them the first opportunity to determine what caused the break.

More than 650 workers and 17 boats worked Saturday to clean...Read more

Burundi opposition politician shot dead

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BUJUMBURA, Burundi -- A Burundian opposition leader has been shot dead while demonstrations continued against President Pierre Nkurunziza's bid to seek a third term in the June elections, Radio France Internationale reported Sunday.

Zedi Feruzi, leader of the small opposition party Union for Peace and Democracy, or UPD, was gunned down as he ...Read more

Report: Mass grave of suspected Rohingya migrants found in Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR -- A mass grave believed to contain bodies of around 100 Myanmar Rohingya migrants has been found by police in northern Malaysia, a news report said Sunday.

A police forensics team was dispatched to a hilly area in the town of Padang Besar in the state of Perlis, north of Kuala Lumpur, the Star newspaper reported.

"So far, no ...Read more

Controversial sheriff in Arizona asks public's help with legal fees

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- With his legal fees mounting and a trial turning increasingly personal, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is turning to the public for money and the legal system for a new judge.

Arpaio said in a letter to supporters that he doesn't have the money to continue paying for attorneys out of his own pocket, adding that he feels "...Read more

NSA begins closing data collection program after Senate fails to reach agreement

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WASHINGTON -- Hours after the Senate balked at reauthorizing the bulk collection of U.S. telephone records, the National Security Agency began shutting down a controversial program Saturday that senior intelligence and law enforcement officials say is vital to track terrorists in the United States.

The Senate had debated into early predawn ...Read more

Saudi Arabia identifies mosque suicide bomber

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CAIRO ––Saudi Arabian authorities said Saturday that a suicide bomber who killed 21 worshippers in a Shiite mosque the day before was a Saudi linked to the Islamic State group.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry identified the bomber as Saleh bin Abdel-Rahman, wanted by security agencies for being a member of a Saudi extremist group ...Read more

Congress votes to extend federal money for highways through July

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WASHINGTON –– Congress voted to extend federal funds for highways and mass-transit programs through July while lawmakers work on a longer-term financing plan.

The Senate's voice vote early Saturday followed House passage Tuesday of the measure, which will go to President Barack Obama for his signature. The Highway Trust Fund's current ...Read more

Police kill Missouri double-homicide suspect

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A two-day manhunt for James Barton Horn Jr. ended Saturday with police killing the double homicide suspect.

Horn was being sought in the shooting deaths of Sandra Sutton, 46, and her 17-year-old son, Zachary Wade Sutton, who were found dead Thursday morning at a house in Clinton, Mo.

Officers acting on a tip found Horn late Saturday morning ...Read more

El Salvador's Romero is beatified

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SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- He refused the bodyguards and armored cars when his life was threatened. He defied but also feared death, exhorting his followers to keep the faith in the utmost of hardship, up to the moment an assassin's bullet killed him.

Oscar Romero, the archbishop of San Salvador, whose slaying in 1980 as he said Mass became ...Read more

Senate rejects action on Patriot Act; NSA spying powers likely to lapse

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Rand Paul led a successful effort to block renewal of the Patriot Act early Saturday morning, followed by a deeply divided Senate leaving Washington without taking action on the National Security Agency's soon-to-expire power to collect domestic phone records.

Without Senate action, the surveillance powers will at least ...Read more

Lawyer fights for chimpanzee rights

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Should chimpanzees -- complex creatures with thoughts, feelings and the ability to learn sign language -- have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Steven Wise, a prominent animal rights attorney from Coral Springs, Fla., has bet his career on it.

Our cousin the ape is poised to take an evolutionary new step -- this time ...Read more