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Obama extols Clinton, excoriates Trump

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He was serious. He was funny. He was sarcastic.

And he was definitely having a good time.

Wednesday night in Philadelphia, President Barack Obama proved once again that he is one of the best orators to take the political stage, as he extolled his accomplishments, accused Republican Donald Trump of being unfit for the presidency and argued that...Read more

Analysis: Surrogates Hillary Clinton desperately needs aim for voters she wants

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PHILADELPHIA -- After a day that demonstrated weaknesses in both presidential candidates, a series of high-powered surrogates for Hillary Clinton impugned Donald Trump from the Democratic convention stage Wednesday, aiming at the voters she will need for victory in November.

President Barack Obama leaned toward a young generation that helped ...Read more

10 miles from the DNC site: Deep poverty in Philly, the poorest big city

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PHILADELPHIA -- Donahue Holloway sat on the stoop of an abandoned store, on a North Philadelphia street scarred by boarded-up row homes, graffiti and trash, 10 miles and a world away from the bright lights of the Democratic National Convention.

Holloway, 57, wasn't worried whether Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump. He was worried about ...Read more

Kentucky and feds near possible collision on altering Medicaid expansion

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Anxiety and suspense are building in Kentucky as a potential clash over the state's high-achieving Medicaid expansion nears next month between Gov. Matt Bevin and the Obama administration.

At issue is whether to make the poor pay and work to obtain health insurance under the federal-state program.

Kentucky has brought more than 450,000 people ...Read more

E-cigarette industry eyes year-end bill for regulatory rollback

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WASHINGTON--The effort to pass appropriations bills on time has all but collapsed because of controversial policy riders, but the e-cigarette industry and its allies view the likelihood of a catchall spending measure as a good thing.

That's because of a provision tucked into the House bill that funds the Food and Drug Administration (HR 5054), ...Read more

As corn devours prairies, environmentalists reconsider biofuel mandate

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WASHINGTON -- Environmentalists who once championed biofuels as a way to cut pollution are now turning against a U.S. program that puts renewable fuels in cars, citing higher-than-expected carbon dioxide emissions and reduced wildlife habitat.

More than a decade after conservationists helped persuade Congress to require adding corn-based ...Read more

The DNC email hack is just the newest skirmish in a growing cyberwar

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WASHINGTON -- The accusations and counter-charges flying between Russia and the United States over a massive leak of Democratic Party emails recall stranger-than-fiction episodes from the Cold War, but now the high-stakes espionage game is taking place in cyberspace and features digital malware instead of dead drops.

The release by WikiLeaks of...Read more

Congressman decries Olympus' failure to warn US hospitals about tainted scopes

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A U.S. lawmaker is renewing his push for Congress to toughen requirements on medical-device warnings, calling Olympus Corp.'s 2013 decision against issuing a broad alert to U.S. hospitals about scope-related superbug outbreaks "despicable."

Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., said internal Olympus emails about that decision, detailed for the first time in...Read more

Some seniors surprised to be automatically enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans

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Only days after Judy Hanttula came home from the hospital after surgery last November, her doctor's office called with bad news: Records showed that instead of traditional Medicare, she had a private Medicare Advantage plan, and her doctor and hospital were not in its network.

Neither the plan nor Medicare now would cover her medical costs. She...Read more

Slender Man stabbing defendants stay in adult court, appeals court rules

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MILWAUKEE -- Two Waukesha, Wis., girls who were 12 when prosecutors say they tried to kill their sixth-grade classmate are properly charged as adults, the Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.

The decision affirmed a trial judge's ruling last year that Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier had failed to show, "by a preponderance of evidence," that they ...Read more

Clinton still doesn't have a simple message for her candidacy

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PHILADELPHIA -- For Hillary Clinton, finding thousands of words for her speech Thursday accepting the Democratic presidential nomination will be easy.

Distilling her campaign to a simple few will be harder.

Think of Ronald Reagan boiling down his 1980 campaign to the powerful message: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" Or Bill ...Read more

Michael Jackson's nephews sue tabloid for defamation over sexual abuse claims

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LOS ANGELES -- Three of Michael Jackson's nephews sued Radar Online on Wednesday, alleging the tabloid humiliated and defamed them by suggesting their famous uncle sexually abused and later bribed them in an effort to quash a criminal investigation.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Taj, TJ and Taryll Jackson contend that Radar ...Read more

Judge awards $70 million to families of Jenni Rivera's entourage who died in plane crash

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LOS ANGELES -- A judge has awarded $70 million to the families of the four staffers of the late Latin music superstar Jenni Rivera who died along with the performer when their private plane crashed in Mexico in 2012.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Holly Kendig entered the default judgment Tuesday against Starwood Management Inc., the ...Read more

Biden pulls no punches, calls 'malarkey' on Trump

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Vice President Joe Biden pulled no punches when he told delegates at the Democratic National Convention what he thought of Donald Trump's claims that he understands the middle class.

"That's a bunch of malarkey," Biden said to the boisterous cheers from the audience.

"This guy doesn't have a clue about the middle class, not a clue," Biden said...Read more

For Joe Biden, the 'bittersweet' reality of the end

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PHILADELPHIA -- It was 280 days ago that Joe Biden officially ruled out his last, best chance at the office that had always been his aspiration.

Wednesday night, the reality that his career in elected office was nearing an end seemed to truly hit home for the vice president, who had long marched to the beat of his own drum.

"This is kind of a ...Read more

WikiLeaks releases 29 voicemails from DNC staffers

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WASHINGTON -- WikiLeaks released 29 voicemails hacked from Democratic Party staffers on Wednesday evening, dropping the latest leaks in the middle of prime-time programming at the Democratic National Convention. The release capped a day of discussion about the hacks, as Democrats piled on Donald Trump for encouraging Russia to find Hillary ...Read more

Plaintiffs in Duckworth case reject settlement offer

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WASHINGTON -- Two women involved in a lawsuit with Democratic Illinois Senate candidate Rep. Tammy Duckworth have rejected a settlement reached last month.

The lawsuit involving allegations of ethics violations dates back to when Duckworth was head of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs.

In June, a settlement worth $26,000 was ...Read more

A very different Jerry Brown is back onstage at the Democratic convention

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PHILADELPHIA -- The last time California Gov. Jerry Brown was onstage at a Democratic convention, he was fighting for a chance to speak despite his presidential primary defeat by then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton in 1992.

On Wednesday, he returned as California's elder statesman, vouching for the steadiness and dedication that Hillary Clinton has...Read more

Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg says Trump is a lousy businessman

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PHILADELPHIA -- Former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg hit Donald Trump on Wednesday night where it hurts: in his business portfolio.

The political independent, showing up at the Democratic National Convention to lend his support to Hillary Clinton, called Trump a "dangerous demagogue" and said he spoke from experience when he described the...Read more

Clinton will get chance to challenge negative image

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PHILADELPHIA -- There's just something about Hillary Clinton.

Polls show that large majorities of people don't like her. They think she's qualified and smart, sure. But they also consider her aloof, calculating, untrustworthy.

On Thursday night, Clinton gets the direct chance to challenge that image as she delivers her acceptance speech to the...Read more