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Medical clinic again hit in Aleppo, Syria's civilians bear the brunt

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BEIRUT -- A series of airstrikes targeted clinics and markets in opposition-held areas in Aleppo on Friday, ending a brief lull in violence in the embattled northern Syrian city and sparking fears of more intense conflict.

The strikes hit two clinics, a vegetable market and a mosque in Aleppo, killing at least three people, activists and medics...Read more

Protests rage outside Trump rally in California; 17 arrested, police car smashed

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COSTA MESA, Calif. -- Hundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate.

Traffic came to a halt as a boisterous crowd walked in the ...Read more

North Korea sentences American to 10 years of hard labor on spying charges

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BEIJING -- North Korea's Supreme Court on Friday sentenced a 62-year-old Korean American, Tong Chul Kim, to 10 years of hard labor after finding him guilty of trying to overthrow the government and spying for South Korea, the North's state-run news agency said.

Kim "confessed to all crimes he had committed," the Korean Central News Agency said....Read more

North Korea sentences US citizen to 10 years of hard labor

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SEOUL, South Korea -- A North Korean court has sentenced a U.S. national to 10 years of hard labor for spying and subversion, China's official Xinhua news agency reported Friday.

The communist regime in Pyongyang showed the 62-year-old South Korean-born Kim Dong Chul to media around a month ago where he allegedly confessed to spying for South ...Read more

Why the world's biggest exporter of crude is trying to wean itself off oil

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It would be hard to exaggerate the importance of oil in Saudi Arabia. So when an influential young prince started talking this year about selling shares in the state-owned oil company and weaning the economy off its dependence on petrodollars, many were skeptical both inside and outside the conservative kingdom.

This week, the world got a ...Read more

Psst! Don't tell a soul I live in Greenwich and I went for Trump

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BOSTON -- To Donald Trump supporters in Greenwich, Conn., it's a hush-hush world, except for the brave few like Jim Campbell.

When he extolled the virtues of a Trump presidency at a political dinner a couple months ago, Campbell, a successful real-estate man, knew he was a rarity in Connecticut's GOP circles: a local committee leader willing to...Read more

UC Davis campus divided amid new questions on chancellor's performance

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DAVIS, Calif. -- She was one of roughly 300 people who were considered to become chancellor of the University of California, Davis. But in one powerful interview, Linda Katehi shot to the top of the list -- at least for Linda Bisson, a three-decade Davis professor who headed the faculty search subcommittee in 2009.

She was brilliant, ...Read more

What 8 years of Senate votes reveal about Clinton

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WASHINGTON--Now that her dominance of the Acela primaries has moved Hillary Clinton's nomination to the cusp of mathematical certainty, millions of voters will soon start looking for evidence to shape their judgment about her this fall.

The eight years Clinton spent in Congress produced an ocean of information that might help predict how her ...Read more

Republicans still planning to party in Cleveland — even if there's convention drama

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans want lobbyists and politicians to know there's plenty of opportunity to party this summer at their national convention in Cleveland. A 39-page guide for those who want to host soirees boasts that the city's Wonder Bar has the largest whiskey collection downtown. If that's not exclusive enough, the Alley Cat Oyster Bar (...Read more

Counterfeit opioid poisonings spread to San Francisco Bay Area

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An outbreak of poisonings linked to a counterfeit prescription painkiller -- previously seen in the Sacramento, Calif., region -- has reached the San Francisco Bay Area, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC reported Tuesday that seven patients were treated for overdoses in Bay Area hospitals in late March and early April ...Read more

Trump touts his anti-immigration plans at protest-marred event in Southern California

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Donald Trump put his roughest edges on display Thursday night in Costa Mesa as he opened his California primary campaign with a raw performance highlighting his hard-line views on illegal immigration and torture while trashing an array of rivals.

The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination surrounded himself on stage with people ...Read more

US judge rejects bid to dismiss lawsuit over representation for immigrant children

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SEATTLE -- A federal judge in Seattle has rejected the Obama administration's effort to dismiss a class-action lawsuit that could force the government to provide attorneys to thousands of children who face deportation in U.S. immigration courts.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Zilly has set the outline of the class of child immigrants who will be ...Read more

Baltimore police commissioner defends actions of officer who shot boy

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BALTIMORE -- Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis defended Thursday the actions of the officer who shot a 14-year-old boy as he ran with a BB gun, saying officers cannot wait to determine whether a gun is real before taking action.

"Just put yourselves in the shoes of these police officers who are in a very emotional moment, and they're ...Read more

How Hastert's lies led to his downfall

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CHICAGO--When FBI agents knocked on the door of Dennis Hastert's Plano home a year and a half ago, all they knew was that the once-powerful politician was doing something very strange with his money.

They had no idea then of his dark secret from his days as a wrestling coach, of sex abuse or hush money. The first question out of their mouths ...Read more

After Baltimore teen's shooting, a renewed desire to ban replica guns in Maryland

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BALTIMORE -- Some state lawmakers say they plan to renew a push to ban replica guns in Maryland after Baltimore police shot a 14-year-old boy who was holding a BB gun that looked like a pistol.

State Sen. C. Anthony Muse said he plans to refile a bill defeated last month that would have prohibited the manufacturing and sale of imitation guns ...Read more

Would Trump be least 'presidential' president ever?

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WASHINGTON -- Lyndon Johnson once pulled up his shirt and jacket to show reporters the scars from his gall bladder surgery.

Andrew Jackson's parrot got booted from his funeral for squawking obscenities, or so the legend goes.

The definition of acting "presidential" -- for denizens of the White House and even their pets -- has, at times, been ...Read more

Senate finally confirms new US ambassador to Mexico

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WASHINGTON -- Ending a long standoff mired in presidential campaign politics, the Senate moved Thursday to confirm veteran diplomat Roberta Jacobson as U.S. ambassador to Mexico, filling a crucial diplomatic post that has been vacant for nine months.

Jacobson, assistant secretary of State for Western Hemispheric affairs, is expected to take up...Read more

4 University of Georgia students killed, 1 critical after crash

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ATLANTA -- Just days before the end of the school year, tragedy struck the University of Georgia community. A two-vehicle crash Wednesday night killed four students and left a fifth in critical condition.

Investigators believe the five women were traveling northbound on Georgia State Route 15, toward the UGA campus, when the white Toyota Camry ...Read more

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shows support for Illinois gun bill

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CHICAGO -- Gun violence victim and former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords showed her support Thursday for an Illinois coalition and a new bill that hopes to encourage better business practices by gun dealers to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

"Stopping gun violence takes courage. The courage to do what's right, the courage of new ideas. I've...Read more

Man caught in Bridgeton with bomb components spoke against Obama, for Hitler, police say

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ST. LOUIS -- A man who allegedly amassed black powder and other bomb-making materials in a Bridgeton motel room this month claimed they were intended to make crafts, but he spoke of a hatred for President Barack Obama and told police Adolf Hitler was right, court documents show.

Douglas Herr, 44, of Chatham, Ill., was charged in St. Louis ...Read more