Gary Brookins & Susie MacNelly

Gary Brookins and Susie MacNelly continue a legacy of Shoe comics that creator and Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Jeff MacNelly started in 1977.

Jeff MacNelly passed away in 2000 from lymphoma, but Shoe remains in good hands with his widow, Susie, and Gary Brookins at the helm.

Brookins currently lives in Richmond, Va. He began working with Jeff MacNelly and Chris Cassatt on Shoe in 1999. Brookins went into full art production mode for both the dailies and the Sunday cartoons after Jeff MacNelly's death.

Susie met Jeff MacNelly in 1989 on a blind date at a bar in Washington, D.C. To his amazement, Jeff immediately realized Susie was the wiseass Roz he'd been drawing in Shoe for 12 years. They were soon married, and Susie later became part of the Shoe team.


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