Robert "Chance" Brown, Brian Walker and Greg Walker

Cartoonist Robert "Chance" Brown and brothers Brian and Greg Walker have followed in their fathers' footsteps as the minds behind the long-running comic strip "Hi and Lois." Brian's work extends to other comics such as "Beetle Baily," and he has edited more than a dozen books on cartoon art. He has also served as a curator on multiple cartoon exhibitions and taught cartoon history at the School of Visual Arts.

His brother Greg Walker has worked in film and graphic arts, as well as drawing comic books such as "Underdog," "Barney and Betty Rubble," and "Beetle Bailey." He has worked on his father's comic strips -- both "Hi and Lois" and "Beetle Bailey" -- since the 1970s, and continues inking and lettering the latter to this day.

Chance Brown has taken over from his father as the cartoonist behind "Hi and Lois," and studied at both the New York School of Visual Arts and Missouri's Park College. In addition to being a cartoonist, he is also an accomplished musician and has toured with various bands over the years.

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