Scott Adams

Scott Adams is a producer, restaurant owner, nonfiction author, certified hypnotist, and all-around entrepeneur -- both

readers in 70 countries around the world know him best as the creator of the hit comic strip "Dilbert." Syndicated in 2,000

newspapers worldwide, Adams's comic was the first to feature the cartoonist's e-mail address, allowing readers to send their

own workplace stories to him for future material. The misadventures of the character dubbed "the cartoon hero of the

workplace" have earned his creator 1997's Reuben Award for both Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year and Best Newspaper comic


In recent years, Scott Adams has extended his work past the newspaper page, turning "Dilbert" into an animated series in 1999,

as well as writing the bestselling hardcover "The Dilbert Principle." Since then, all of his business books have topped the

New York Times bestseller list, with his more than 30 Dilbert reprint books and calendars selling more than 20 million copies



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