Wayno & Piraro

Tweaking simple everyday things with his twisted imagination and award-winning artistic abilities, Dan Piraro deftly proves why he has won The National Cartoonists’ Society’s "Best Newspaper Cartoon Panel" three years in a row (2000, 2001 and 2002). Today, "Bizarro" is distributed internationally by King Features Syndicate to more than 350 daily and Sunday newspapers, and have been reprinted in 15 book collections between 1986 and the present. Piraro reaches out to loyal readers and creates new ones by bringing his own live comedy show, "The Bizarro Bologna Show," to cities where his "Bizarro" comic panel appears.

Subliminal mind control, you say? Nah, "Bizarro" fans love Dan Piraro and his covert images of bunny rabbits, eyeballs, fishtails, slices of pie, firecrackers, crowns, upside-down birds, tiny spaceships; not to mention the abbreviation "K2" that seems to appear in nearly every cartoon he draws. In the bizzare comic "Bizzaro," cartoonist Dan Piraro unleashes both his secret symbols and uniquely eccentric view of the world on unsuspecting newspaper readers every day. Because the artwork is detail-driven and the humor, off-the-wall , this politically liberal and progressive cartoonist's comic panel has massive appeal among audiences who enjoy an alternative sense of humor.


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