Dennis Anderson: Latest proposed changes to waterfowl season don't add up

Dennis Anderson, Star Tribune on

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"Disturbance that those opportunities provide has a lot to do with birds moving around and leaving the state," he said. "After all that shooting, are there really going to be many ducks around two weeks later when the regular season opens?"

The duck shortage isn't limited to Minnesota, Rave said.

"I've been hunting in North Dakota since 1993," he said. "Lately when I go over there, I drive and drive and drive and I might find only a few ducks. It's frustrating and disappointing. Do you really believe, as the Fish and Wildlife Service says, there are many more ducks there now than in the '50s and '60s?"

Rave thinks Cordts is a nice guy. But he fundamentally differs with Cordts on the effect hunting can have on ducks in certain circumstances. He also disagrees with Cordts about why Minnesota has lost so many duck hunters.

"In Bemidji we sit all winter and watch $20,000 to $30,000 ice-fishing wheel houses go by, headed to Red Lake," he said. "Red Lake is a six-hour drive from the Twin Cities. It's not easy to get to and it's expensive. But tens of thousands of anglers go there every winter because they have a reasonable expectation they'll catch fish.


"The same is true for ducks. If people had a reasonable expectation of seeing ducks and shooting ducks, they'd buy hunting licenses and go hunting."

The DNR will take comments on the teal season and other proposals online through April 11 at

DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen is expected to finalize decisions on the proposals in early May.

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