Milwaukee school group passes hunter education test with flying colors

Paul A. Smith, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on

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She selected a range of activities, including bird banding and hunting.

After helping fellow students get trained in each field, Nunez will attempt to measure any changes in the students' interests and behaviors.

So how did Nunez get herself and eight fellow students certified to hunt?

She told staff -- including teachers and counselors -- at Escuela Verde about her interest.

"They helped me get in touch with some key people," Nunez said. "Like Gervis, Reggie and Ken."

That would be Gervis Myles, conservation warden with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and Reggie Hayes and Ken Baker of the Inner City Sportsmen Club.

Myles has been a DNR warden in Milwaukee for 20 years and knows the community and lay of the land as well as the back of his hand.

Hayes and Baker, both city residents, are lifelong hunters and anglers as well as certified Wisconsin Hunter Education instructors.

When the three men learned of Nunez's project and desire, they did what people who care about the future do: they acted.

By early September, a special hunter education class was organized for the Escuela Verde students.


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