Jeff Greenberg brings system he learned with Theo Epstein's Cubs to Blackhawks as he tries to 'close that gap' with baseball

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“I started skating when I was 3, played on my first team when I was 5 and was on the ice almost every day from then through when I graduated (from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008) at the age of 22.”

He was captain of his club hockey team at Penn his junior and senior years.

“Clearly I wasn’t that good if I was playing club,” he joked. “I had a little bit of speed and I was tenacious but obviously wasn’t very good.”

Despite those modest beginnings, Hawks CEO Danny Wirtz and president of business operations Jaime Faulkner — who also has ties to the Cubs — set their sights on Greenberg for the GM role.

“At some point my name came up — I don’t exactly know how — but I think the first conversation I had was probably with Jaime, really just to get a sense of what that process would look like, what potentially they were looking for,” Greenberg said.

He and Davidson, then the interim GM, emerged as two of the three finalists in the competition that Davidson won.


Greenberg began texting Davidson, at first to congratulate him.

“I thought it was neat to see somebody who started here as an intern and worked his way up,” Greenberg said. “I have a similar background, started as an intern with the Cubs. So, really, I just wanted to reach out and congratulate him. And then we went back and forth on text, had a couple conversations.”

Davidson said he discovered they had a rapport and the conversations evolved into an invitation to join the Hawks front office.

“That process was really driven by Kyle,” Greenberg said.

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