Dieter Kurtenbach: Steve Kerr will be the highest-paid coach in NBA history, and you can't say he doesn't deserve it

Dieter Kurtenbach, The Mercury News on

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Steve Kerr isn’t going anywhere.

Not for the next two seasons, anyway.

ESPN reported Friday night what had been anticipated for the last week-plus: the Warriors coach had agreed to a two-year contract extension.

His current contract was set to expire this summer.

The real shocker of it all is how much Kerr will be paid over those two seasons: $35 million.

That’s Derrick White, Bogdan Bogdanovic or Lauri Markkanen-type money. It’s more per season than Kerr made in 15 years as an NBA sharpshooter.


It will make him the highest-paid coach in NBA history.

And you can’t say he’s not worth it.

Kerr’s performance will always be overanalyzed. Some loud members of the fan base will always believe he has no idea what he’s doing and should be fired.

You should have started ignoring those people long ago. Keep doing it.


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