Ira Winderman: Heat possess untouchables, shiny objects when it comes to trades

By Ira Winderman, Sun Sentinel on

Published in Basketball

The lesson learned from the 2019-20 NBA season that seemingly would never end is that some couldn't wait for it to end to speculate about potential trades.

That has proved to be the case even with the league remaining in a personnel moratorium as the 2020-21 salary cap is computed and the personnel schedule is reset.

So to get ahead of the curve, perhaps it is best to set the Miami Heat's exchange rates ahead of the market's opening.



— Bam Adebayo: There are two ways teams tend to structure their future — either a draft pick to build around or a free agent to build around.


In Adebayo's case, unbeknownst to even the Heat when they selected him at No. 14 in 2017, Adebayo became that draft pick.

Seemingly everything the Heat do on both sides of the court is designed around the emerging 23-year-old All-Star.

The only way you shift course with someone so impactful would be if you were rebuilding. The Heat are not rebuilding.

— Jimmy Butler: And then you have the free agent you build around in Butler, which is why it would make no sense to reverse course with a player who is every bit the franchise yin to Adebayo's yang.


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