Explaining — in simple terms — what's ahead for Kansas basketball in its NCAA case

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Kansas Athletics' current infractions case -- which includes the allegation of five Level I violations within the men's basketball program -- has left many fans searching for clarity about the process and a timeline for a resolution.

For help with these answers, The Star spoke Wednesday with Naima Stevenson Starks, the NCAA's VP of Hearing Operations, to gain insight about the road ahead.

The following are some questions and answers about KU's future, with help from Stevenson Starks' comments. Note that Stevenson Starks cannot comment specifically about KU's impending case, and instead can only speak in generalities about the process.

Q: What stage is KU's infractions case at now?

KU's case has been recommended to the NCAA's new Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP), an NCAA source confirmed to The Star on Wednesday.

What does that mean? Let's back up for a second.


In previous years, KU would be scheduling a hearing with the NCAA's Committee on Infractions. Following the Condoleezza Rice-led commission on college basketball, the NCAA created the IARP, which focuses on handling complex cases by using NCAA outsiders to gather evidence and deliver rulings.

KU's recommendation for the IARP doesn't guarantee KU going in front of the new panel. Another committee -- the Infractions Referral Committee (IRC) -- will decide whether the case will be seen by the IARP.

Something important to note: The final decision on whether KU's case goes to the IARP is out of the school's hands. KU has 20 days to respond to the IARP recommendation, making its recommendation, but the final decision lies completely with the five-person IRC.

"(A school) can absolutely say, 'No we don't want to go. Don't take us.' Or they could say, 'Yes, we think the process is appropriate for our infractions matter," Stevenson Starks said. "But ultimately, this Infractions Referral Committee was put in place to be essentially the gatekeeper of what comes into the independent structure."


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