Thaddeus Young says limited role with Bulls 'is not the best-case scenario,' but he's 'rolling with it'

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CHICAGO -- Thaddeus Young surveyed the reporters gathered to talk with him after the Bulls' morning shootaround Friday -- a day after he expressed his unhappiness with his limited role in a couple of published reports -- and he knew what was he in for.

"Can't tell me I didn't know this was coming," he laughed.

Young, 31, is averaging 21.6 minutes in his first season with the Bulls, the fewest since his rookie year with the 76ers in 2007-08. He didn't say he was dissatisfied with his role or tell reporters he wants to be traded.

That wouldn't be Young's style. The 13-year veteran has a reputation of being a professional and welcome locker-room presence, which was part of the draw for the Bulls to sign him in June to a three-year, $41 million contract.

You can read between the lines from what he did say Friday.

Are you disillusioned with how the team is using you?


"Every guy wants to go out there and be able to play 30 minutes a night," Young said. "It just so happens I came from a team, or my last seven (or) eight years I've been playing 30 minutes a night, and I've been impactful within those 30 minutes. It's definitely a change.

"But like I said, whatever time you do get, you go out there and you play as hard as you can. You continue to be professional, you continue to believe in what you're trying to build and you continue to believe in your teammates each and every night."

Should the impact you've had in games be rewarded with more minutes down the stretch?

"I mean, yeah, it should be," he said. "We have different things that we're trying to do. We're trying to develop guys and we're trying to win at the same time. But at the end of the day ... (Young paused and nodded his head) ... yes, I would like to play more minutes. But if I'm playing 20 minutes a game, within those 20 minutes I'm going to try to give somebody hell."


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