Rangers' Joey Gallo unsure he had COVID-19 despite MLB testing that said he did

Jeff Wilson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram on

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Joey Gallo isn't sure how he tested positive for COVID-19, nor is he entirely convinced he had it.

He said he was doing the right things -- wearing a mask, staying home as much as possible, trying to keep those around him safe -- and had no symptoms.

He lives in a Dallas apartment building where many people touch the same surfaces and quarters can become tight in hallways and elevators, so maybe that was it.

But no one he had contact with has tested positive.

Gallo also tested negative in private testing during the same period that MLB's test said he was positive.

However, he knows this: He doesn't want to test positive for COVID-19 again during a 60-game season in which there is no cushion for missing time or for a slow start.


"As of right now, I am coming up negative, and that's how I am hoping to stay the rest of the season," Gallo said Saturday after his second workout of summer camp.

"Now I am on edge going through that process and not knowing and having to miss so much time. It's crucial. You have 60 games and only have three weeks to get ready. Missing two weeks is huge. Everybody is a little nervous about that. Nobody wants to come up positive. We are taking every precaution and everybody is on board with it."

Players are to be tested every other day the rest of the season after their initial screenings before camp. Gallo said he was nervous for his saliva test Saturday because he had consumed coffee at breakfast and was unsure how it would affect his sample.

The medical community still can't say with certainty if someone can get COVID-19 twice.


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