Quiz: How would you measure up to the world's toughest baseball trivia?

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Try answering some of the questions posed in the annual trivia contest held by the Society for American Baseball Research. We're including five questions from each of the four rounds of competition. If we included questions solely from the final round, you'd have no chance. Answers are at the bottom.

Round 1

1) What is the popular term for the medical procedure formally known as ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction?

2) During the San Diego Padres' 1974 home opener, someone grabbed the stadium's public address microphone and rashly blurted out to the crowd: "I've never seen such stupid ballplaying in my life!" Who was he?

3) Which three players have amassed 1,000 hits for a team in the American League and for a team in the National League?

4) Name the seven Dodgers who have been named most valuable player of the World Series.


5) How many regular-season games were on the schedule for each team in the American League in 1927?

Round 2

6) Who is the only player to win a National League MVP award while playing for the Padres?

7) Which three major league managers have both won and lost 20 World Series games?


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