Pardres' Manny Machado blasts MLB Network analysts in Instagram post

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SAN DIEGO -- Manny Machado didn't say much when baseball suspended him one game for arguing balls and strikes in June. The umpires came after him on social media, likening throwing a bat to workplace violence and Machado still didn't say a whole lot. He lost his appeal, served his one-game ban and never addressed it again.

Machado, however, had a whole lot to say Tuesday night about MLB Network analysts Eric Byrnes and Dan Plesac coming to the defense of Jake Marisnick, who recently was banned two games for hospitalizing the Angels' Jonathan Lucroy with a home plate collision. Marisnick was plunked by the Angels on Tuesday, took it in stride and even calmed his teammates down when benches cleared.

Good on Marisnick, Machado says.

But if it were Machado in the middle of that brouhaha?

Here is where Machado makes his biggest underlying point.

"The biggest tools out there," Machado said. " ... They've (Byrnes and Plesac) got to protect their people. Machado? Forget about Machado. Machado."


He repeats his name, accenting its Latino pronunciation.

"Machado. That's the key word. Machado. Latino. Tu sabe (you know)."

He goes on.

"God forbid Machado talks to an umpire and gets crushed, gets suspended a game because I was arguing balls and strikes. Whoopty doo. Other people do the same, they just get a slap on the wrist. It's all good though. It's all good. I just want people understand where we come from, understand what it really is. Don't listen to these guys on TV. The don't know what they're talking about. It's ridiculous. This game, it's (expletive) nuts. ... Lo Latino, we have to stick together all day."


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