Manny Machado returns to Baltimore with Padres

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BALTIMORE -- The last time Manny Machado was at Camden Yards, he cried.

The place was empty, and it would no longer be the only baseball home he had known.

"I already knew it was coming," Machado recalled Sunday in Pittsburgh. "But once it happened, you know it's reality. Now you're gone. You're going somewhere else. It's tough. At that point, I had been there my entire life, and now I get traded somewhere I don't know. Have to meet new people. I'm leaving friends. It was tough."

When speaking publicly, at least when it's not to disagree with Bill Welke, Machado doesn't get too worked up. It's inherently understood he won't be providing much insight without the use of pliers.

But even so, it is clear this week means a lot, as one of the key pieces of the Padres' future visits his past.

Machado on Sunday night returned to the Inner Harbor area where he worked and which is very near to where he lived most of the span of seven seasons he was with the Orioles. For two games, Tuesday and Wednesday, he will face his former team at Camden Yards.


His wife, Yainee, is here. She actually travels for most of her husband's trips. She certainly wasn't missing this one.

"A lot of old friends, lot of restaurant owners, people we know," Machado said. "... It's going to be fun to go back."

Machado often says the young Padres keep him young now that he's just a couple weeks away from being 27. For a team that often starts at least three position players with fewer than a year of service time, he is most certainly a veteran.

He several times in a conversation talked about spending his "whole life" in Baltimore.


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