If I respond to one of your advertisements and have trouble, will you help me?

Ads are placed by third parties. In many cases, we receive the advertisements through ad agencies and networks and do not work with the advertisers directly. As we note above, we will discontinue ads that receive an inordinate number of unresolved complaints from subscribers responding to the advertisement. We will certainly provide whatever contact information we have available if you need it to reach the advertiser -- visit this page for such an inquiry.

We recommend that you always use a credit card when buying so that you have recourse with the credit card company, if necessary. Also, you may consider using an alternate e-mail address if you are interested in signing up for information from a third-party advertiser.

When ordering on the net, the best practice is to print out the order form when you place the order and save a copy. Contact information such as customer service email address, company address, phone and fax are usually contained on the order confirmation page. Another good idea is to email a copy of that page back to your personal email account. That way, you have an electronic copy as well. In your browser window, just click on File -> Send -> Page by email.