Once a subscriber signs up for an ezine, will he or she receive other types of commercial e-mail (e.g. offers, special promotions)?

As you confirm your ArcaMax Publishing ezine subscription on our registration page, you will have the opportunity to receive special third party offers on a periodic basis, directly from ArcaMax Publishing. These offers are always carefully matched with the interests of ArcaMax Publishing subscribers. If you prefer not to receive these offers, simply make sure that the check-box marked "Offers" is unchecked before confirming your ezine subscription. If at any time you wish to stop receiving "ArcaMax Publishing Offers" (or any ArcaMax Publishing ezine), you may always unsubscribe at:

On our registration page, you will see several other offer check-boxes displaying services and products that other ArcaMax Publishing subscribers have enjoyed. You are free to check as many, as few, or none at all of these boxes - there is never a requirement to check "at least one offer," as you may have seen on some other sites. When you check one of these offer boxes, we will make sure that you receive follow-up information about the offer(s) you've selected, but there is never an obligation to take part--we simply make sure you receive the offer details, and then you decide how you'd like to proceed.