Specific Ezine Questions

What happens if I am subscribed but I am not receiving my ezine(s) in my Inbox?

Below are suggestions to follow that may help you in receiving your ezines and if none of them are successful for you, please contact your e-mail provider to inquire why ArcaMax mail is not making it to your Inbox.

Yahoo users:

1. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and press the letter A.

2. Click "Save".

Hotmail / MSN / readers:

1. Just under the "From" line in the message, you'll see a warning that you might not know the sender. Click the link next to it that reads "Mark as Safe".

2. If you don't see the "Mark as Safe" link, follow these steps:

* On the Action bar, click Options, and then click More options.
* Under Junk e-mail, click Safe and blocked senders.
* Click Safe senders.
* Enter and click the "Add to list" button. (If you also receive email from our BookDaily site, enter and click the "Add to list" button.)


1. From your Inbox, hover your mouse over an ArcaMax email.

2. Right click and select the "Add to Contacts" functions.


1. Click Contacts along the left side of any page.

2. Click the "+New" button in the top-left corner.

3. Click "New Contact"

4. Enter a nickname. We suggest arcamax!

5. Enter as the email address.

6. Press "Create" at the top.


1. Hover your mouse over the email sender's name (E.G. "ArcaMax Reader Services") and wait a moment for a box to appear.

2. Click "Add to Contacts".

3. Click the top field "Add name" at the top and enter a name, like "ArcaMax".

4. Click "Add" below.

You may want to check your ArcaMax account to determine if you are still subscribed to the ezines in question by logging into the site, or creating an account, in the top right corner of any page on If you are subscribed, we are attempting to send you your ezines.