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The Legacy of Torture in the US War on Terrorism

The 9/11 attacks were the worst acts of terrorism in American history, with horrible results to thousands of innocent people. But the U.S. government's response to it was a horror show of its own, with consequences that continue to reverberate.

In his ensuing war on terrorism, President George W. Bush lashed out in large, catastrophically ...Read more

Allowing Religious Exemptions From COVID-19 Vaccines Is a Mistake

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice once recounted how her grandfather experienced a spiritual revelation. When he lacked the money to fulfill his dream of graduating from Stillman College, he was told he could get a scholarship -- but only if he wanted to become a Presbyterian minister. "That's just what I had in mind," he replied.

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How the Texas Abortion Law Endangers Gun Rights

If you attend an abortion-rights rally, you are not likely to see anyone wearing a Second Amendment T-shirt. Visit a gun range, and trust me, none of the pickup trucks will have Planned Parenthood decals. But the Texas abortion ban has some very different Americans joining in a chorus of, "Don't tread on me."

The law prohibits any abortion ...Read more



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