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Will Americans Heed Biden's Plea to Defend Democracy?

Decades from now, Joe Biden's errors may not be forgotten, whether they relate to Afghanistan, the border or inflation. But whatever Biden has gotten wrong, posterity will remember that he was right about one critical matter: the dangers to democracy that arose in our time.

His prime-time address Thursday was a milestone of a regrettable sort: ...Read more

Is Corporal Punishment in Schools Making a Comeback?

Some parents don't trust public school teachers to handle such topics as racism, sexuality and climate change. But in one Missouri town, they trust teachers to use violence against children. The Cassville School District recently decided to bring back corporal punishment.

Whacking kids' bottoms with a wooden paddle may sound like an artifact of...Read more

The Border Crisis Confirms That America Is Still a Beacon

Five million Ukrainians have fled their homeland since Russia invaded, seeking refuge not only in neighboring countries such as Poland and Germany but also in Britain, Canada and the United States. And who can blame them? The Biden administration has admitted more than 100,000 refugees from Ukraine without provoking a whisper of protest in this ...Read more

Is This the Moment for a Third Party?

A group of former Democrats, former Republicans and former independents has come together to launch a third party. Called Forward, it is meant to appeal to all the Americans who are so over both major parties.

If there was ever a time when a third party could gain a following, you might think this would be it. Both of the most likely ...Read more

Action on Climate Change, in Spite of Republicans

Riley Moore, the state treasurer of West Virginia, is fed up with people who worry about climate change. "The climate has been changing in the world since Earth was created," he informed The New York Times. "Whether these greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to the warming of the globe, I'm not sure I necessarily agree with that."

It was ...Read more

Taking the Fifth Is Part of Trump's Habit of Hiding the Truth

Donald Trump has invoked his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent in a civil case, and if he ever stands trial on criminal charges, neither a judge or a jury may take that as evidence of guilt. But in the court of common sense, we are entitled to reach the obvious conclusion: Trump has committed crimes and wants to keep them secret.

The Fifth...Read more

On Taiwan, China Is Hurting Its Own Cause

The Chinese government is mad about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. Really mad. It fired missiles over the island and sent fighter jets, bombers and warships into the surrounding area and vowed that it would punish "any invaders who would wreck unification of the motherland, and would show no mercy."

It was, The Washington Post ...Read more

Republicans Feel the Backlash on Abortion Rights

For decades, abortion was the perfect issue for Republicans: one that they could use to energize "pro-life" voters, and one that would be around forever. What's more, they ran little risk of alienating "pro-choice" voters, who had little concern that the GOP would ever be able to repeal abortion rights.

Key to this strategy was the assumption ...Read more

Punctuality Is Trending, and It's About Time

A few days ago, while my wife and I were staying in a Lake Michigan beach community, my 34-year-old son came for a visit. He had a two-hour drive and told me he would arrive at about 11 a.m. Allowing for the vagaries of road construction and traffic delays, I wasn't counting on it. I was on the porch when he pulled in. My watch read 10:59 a.m.

...Read more

Trump's Bogus Defamation Threat Against CNN

When Donald Trump sent a letter notifying CNN of his intent to file a defamation lawsuit over its claims that he has lied about the 2020 election, I trust that the network's attorneys reacted appropriately. By that, I mean they laughed so hard that their law school diplomas fell off the walls.

You don't need to have passed the bar exam to know ...Read more

Why Are Democrats Supporting Republicans Who Support Trump?

Years from now, we can hope, the children of Republican politicians will learn about the events of our time and ask their parents: "Why on earth did you support Donald Trump?" But the children of some Democratic politicians will have a question for their parents: "Why on earth did you support Republican candidates who supported Donald Trump?"

...Read more

Trump Nearly Won His War on the Constitution

Today we begin with a quiz. What is the most important responsibility of the president of the United States?

a. Protecting our security interests around the world.

b. Promoting a healthy economy.

c. Combating climate change and other environmental problems.

d. Avoiding nuclear war.

e. Fostering racial equity.

The answer is: none of the ...Read more

Even With This Supreme Court, Same-Sex Marriage Is Probably Safe

The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade has many hardline conservatives itching to scrap other decisions they have long reviled. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, spoke for many in his party when he argued that the court was "clearly wrong" in 2015 when it struck down laws against same-sex marriage.

On Tuesday, House Democrats, fearful that ...Read more

Democrats Should Push For a Federal Abortion Rights Law

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Democrats are caught up in a war they thought they couldn't lose, trying to fend off a wave of state anti-abortion laws. But Joe Biden, despite his reputation for caution and compromise, has bigger ambitions than playing defense.

After the Supreme Court abolished the right to ...Read more

An Octogenarian Biden Should Pass the Torch in 2024

Anyone who goes grocery shopping knows to look for the "sell by" date on certain perishables. Some products are fine several days after, but you don't want to push your luck. Visible decay is a signal that immediate disposal may be the best option.

If Joe Biden were a banana, he'd be showing brown flecks. He was stretching his functional shelf ...Read more



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